The Lahore Fly-in : OPLA / 4th,Jan,2024 / Expert

Join us at The Lahore 🇵🇰 Fly-In

January 3, 2024January 3, 2024

Join the Pakistani community of IF in not only celebrating the new year but also the past glory of Pakistan International airlines (PIA), one of the oldest airlines of Asia and also the first one to operate Jet aircraft in Asia after it leased B707s from Pan American. What better aircraft than the B747-200 to celebrate this which was also featured on the IF instagram in a recent post!

Everyone joining may be in for a surprise if IF gets an update before this event 😉

Event Rules


PIA B747-200

  1. If you’re attending the event please show up in the required aircraft and reply to this post.

  2. Please choose the appropriate PIA callsign according to your route.

  3. Please Choose a route from the list below, if all are filled, don’t worry we will add more.

  4. You can choose multiple routes given that they can all be flown in under 24 hours.

  5. You can also choose to fly from anywhere but make sure you use a PIA callsign.

  6. Follow ATC instructions and have fun!

Choose your Routes
Origin Callsign Pilot
Karachi (OPKC) Pakistan 302 @Captainhawkrige
Karachi (OPKC) Pakistan 304 @Zuhayr_Shahid
Karachi(OPKC) Pakistan 306 @ali_mujeeb
Karachi(OPKC) Pakistan 316 @CHUNGUSflys
Dubai (OMDB Pakistan 236 @ali_mujeeb
Dubai (OMDB) Pakistan 238 @Captainhawkrige
Dubai (OMDB) Pakistan 204
Sharjah (OMSJ) Pakistan 186
Abu Dhabi (OMAA) Pakistan 264
Dhaka (VGHS) Pakistan 269 @Swiss27
Mumbai (VABB) Pakistan 272
Delhi (VIDP)
Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) Pakistan 899
Bangkok (VTBS) Pakistan 898
Jeddah (OEJN) Pakistan 860
Riyadh (OERK) Pakistan 726
Dammam (OEDF) Pakistan 248
Doha (OTHH) Pakistan 290
Kuwait (OKKK) Pakistan 286
Bahrain (OBBI) Pakistan 186
Cairo (HECA) Pakistan 178
Istanbul (LTFM) Pakistan 714
Baku (UBBB) Pakistan 160
London (EGLL) Pakistan 758
Manchester (EGCC) Pakistan 710
Paris (LFPG) Pakistan 720
Milan (LIMC) Pakistan 734
New York (KJFK) Pakistan 712 @Captain_Topher
Toronto (CYYZ) Pakistan 798

Lets go this is exciting

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Hi, can I join from Dhaka to Lahore? 😅 I think Lahore is getting 3D airport.

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Yes you can :) ,I have added the route too, and yes Lahore will be 3D if we get an update tomorrow.


Less goo will be fun :)


I would try my best to be free to join from karachi 😄

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Want me to put your name in the table?

i will fly to OMDB

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You got Pakistan 236

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Ill fly in from KJFK


You got it!

It’s confirmed guys! OPLA is officially 3D now as the 24.1 update is slowly being rolled out.

All the more reason to Join us in this event!


Yessir can’t wait for this event :)


Can i take one more route?

Yes you can.

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Pakistan 306 (OPKC) 👍

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Thank you for participating!
If you can please do share a few screenshots :)

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Will be landing in about an hour. Solid 13 hour flight. Will share my screenshots probably tomorrow. Wasn’t able to update the app before setting off this morning so unfortunately I don’t have the updated 3d airport

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I wish you could land at the new airport but no worries and thanks for joining in. 🙂


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