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Attention do not want comments or answers
This post is just to express my anger.
Today I lost my will to fly in an expert mode.
Because of my carelessness, I’m tired of working so hard. I missed the landing point with my plane. It gained a little more speed on the descent.
I tried to stop but it was already late as some say the 20 seconds and then I care of the my points. Was penalized again.
I had already asked for a sound alert before we were penalized but I do not think that will happen.
If exists would certainly pay more attention and take steps to prevent it.
It’s my fault but this signal and the 20 seconds will only make me stay out of the expert because I don´t to use it, e it anymore.
Can close this topic
thank you

What happened, you received a violation?

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We see that you are frustrated but that is okay, you’ve come to the right place where we can help guide you in the right direction which will help you have a more enjoyable experience.


I´m grade 5, now here this

Hey, guess what? In a week, you’ll be right back to grade 5! :)


See no big deal, it’s just violations. They are there to educate you, that’s how I see it. Once I get a violation I learn from my mistakes. In 7 days you will be back to grade 5.

Now some tips to help you avoid these. Set your AP to 11,000ft and make sure your speed is 240 or below on the AP. Once this is the case then descend but closely watch your speed and slow your descent if needed and use spoilers. practice makes perfect. I never get violations for this now but that wasn’t always the case.


I already know but I do not use any more expert

I do not think they understand why I said I do not want to comment.
I will explain: It is simple I know the rules but the tiredness that I am sometimes is in others too or the distraction or sleep.
A simple beep before being penalized would help to immediately prevent it.

Demetrius, but like Chatta said we can give you some tips and tricks so that once you do get back on you can have a more enjoyable experience :)

Update: Ahh, I see more clearer now where your frustration lies. There isn’t an audible warning for you to be aware and correct the error. We are sorry for your frustration but the first step is to avoid putting yourself in those situations. They are avoidable, it may be harder to avoid while flying when you are fatigued so if that is the case maybe fly on the Casual Server if you feel a bit tired or can’t focus. That’s a safer bet and then when you are all recharged you can switch servers.


I get what you mean and there is frustration when it happens, I feel the same way when I run out of fuel and my plane crashes with my iPad right next to me, I could have easily avoided that. But I understand that that’s what the server is about, if it’s too stressful then fly on the casual server, nothing wrong with that as long as you have fun. Perhaps practice managing your speed on there, but by all means don’t let these deter you. These speed violations are easy to prevent, be thankful you don’t have issues with landing or not understanding ATC :) if you need any help with anything else feel free to PM me.

I flew early from LFPG to EGLL it was perfect because I had time.
Today the work was difficult and I really got tired and it distracted me.
As I do not like the expert I decided to go back from EGLL to LFPG.
My anger is just was too fast and could not understand.

There are third-party apps (specifically IF Assistant) that give audible warnings for things like overspeeding during flight or taxi. Have saved me from violations on countless occasions, and I started relying on them so much that when I didn’t fly with them once I got two violations lol. If you are willing to pay the money for the app and in-app purchases, it will reduce your risk of any violation by a lot.


The ATC helped me in EGLL spoke to me and helped me pay attention to that I congratulate.

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I do not know, I’ll search.
thank you

O ATC me ajudou em EGLL falou comigo e me ajudou a prestar atenção ao que eu parabenizo.

Anyway i will going to stay out of the expert.
thank you all for your attention.


No worries, as long as you have fun that’s all that matters. Hope to see you flying on there in the future though


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