The KSAN Friday


It was rather active at KSAN on a friday so I thought I would make this short video out of boredom.

Pardon the quality, I did not turn off Anti-Aliasing and YouTube loves to dimimish the video qualitiy

Music: ODESZA - A Moment Apart


Really neat video nonetheless!

love the YouTube title haha


I flew in from DFW in an American A321 and I was in the holding pattern for an hour waiting to land crazy traffic at San Diego But it was really fun

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Nice video! All of these videos of really took a step up with these new buildings! Do you happen to know what time you were there? I controlled San Diego in the expert server on Friday for a couple hours. Just curious if you happen to be there while I was controlling.

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it was around 2021-09-24T11:00:00Z I was there