The Kos Island Fly-Out! Greece Part 3


Welcome to Kos!

Kos Island is located to the South East of Greece’s capital, Athens and is right next to Turkey! Kos attracts thousands of people every summer to visit they’re fantastic culture and rich food! It also has some stunning views!

Event information

Server: Expert

Airport: Kos Island International Airport KGS / LGKO

Date and Time: 2024-03-03T15:00:00Z2024-03-03T16:30:00Z

Gate Assignments

Wave 1


Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 Easyjet A320 Glasgow @RagonDragon
02 Jet2 738 Stansted @Ben_Walsh
03 TUI 757 Gatwick @Prestoni
04 BA A320 London Heathrow @DanilVL
05 Jet2 738 Leeds Bradford @Ryan_15
06 Aegean A320 Athens @If.EnglandYT
07 Olympic Air Q400 Athens @United403

Wave 2


Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
01 Easyjet A320 Manchester @AsUniqueAsPossible
02 TUI Fly 738 Frankfurt @Fabio_09
03 Private-jet BBJ Flying to Multiple destinations
04 Ryanair 738 Stansted @anon87523340
05 Dutchbird 757 Amsterdam @Probin
06 BA E190 London City
07 TUI 757 London Gatwick @DJW

ATC Assignments

Facility Frequency User
ATIS 126.95
Tower 121.05
Approach 119.95
Center 127.00

Disclaimer: Please be aware that there is NO Ground ATC at Kos. Please announce your taxi at your discretion on UNICOM and switch to tower immediately if online!

Airport Charts




  • I am not responsible for any violations you may receive.

  • Listen to ATC

  • Spawn In 10 minutes BEFORE the event starts!

  • If ATC is not presents then use Radio/Traffic correctly

  • Most importantly… HAVE FUN!!!


Please note that if you HAVE signed up for an event, be sure to attend and remind yourself in your calendar. DO NOT just signup to this event and eventually don’t come.

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TUI to gatwick plz wave one

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Of course! Right away

Jet2 to stansted please

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This please in wave 1

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Everyone has been signed up

BA to Heathrow please

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Lemme grab this one.

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Please and thank you

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Your signed up

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Gate 3 Navigator 10DR LGKO-RPMO-WARR-WAFF please. Boeing 737-700BBJ private.

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I’ll take this

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I’m sorry but I don’t have all these routes unfortunately.

Can you maybe pick something else?

You’ve been signed up

It’s a BBJ, I can fly pretty much everywhere

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Okay. That’s fine. I’ll put you down

An easier way is to just say that you’ll be flying to multiple destinations lol

bro is on a mission

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Ha ha! He indeed is 😵

I’ll take this

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