The KNUC Tower nightmares

These cases are pretty much a nightmare for TS1 Tower ATC at KNUC. When these happen the best solution seems like quitting. And I am sure at least 3 of those have happened to any KNUC Tower Controller! All of these happened to me, but I haven’t included stuff like aircraft requesting take off while at parking because these sorts of things happen at any airport. I found out that these sorts of pilots appear around 1400Z. Here are the cases:

As soon as you get an aircraft which passes through others without waiting, and enters runway, you either have to tell them to exit runway or clear them, which takes them forever to do and the other waiting aircraft keep spamming you like it’s your fault. And you can’t keep up with the spam, causes you to leave.

About 6-7 aircraft appear at the glideslope and they are very close, and none of them do the 360 you request, and they all say unable to maintain slowest practical speed, even if they are going 240 kt about 3 NM to the airport.

There is an aircraft in the take off queue, but they wait to hear the clearances instead of just reading them, which takes them 1 min per clearance, around 5 minutes wasted in total.

A random grade 1 guy with an A380 contacts tower while touching down, and changing their speed a lot while approaching, so you can’t understand when they will land and you have to make the aircraft on the ground wait, and one of them spams you. By the way, the Grade 1 A380 ends up going around.

One of the worst scenarios, you have a approach controller which makes the incoming aircraft close enough that you can’t clear any aircraft to take of otherwise an aircraft might land on them, but seperate enough that the aircraft have some time between, so it takes long to ground all of them. None of the aircraft do 360s or go arounds, they also maintain their own speed instead of the speed you told them to maintain.

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KNUC Tower ATCs: Which of those have happened to you as KNUC Tower?


All of them! It’s TS1, something would be horribly off if it was normal.