The KJFK event

Well, JFK was very very chaotic yesterday. I had flown in there from Haneda and slept for pretty much the whole of the flight lol. After a flight of around 12 hours, it was time for descent. I checked into the atis to make sure they were still using the rwy 13B or not. Well yes they were but they were using visual approach but no longer ils.
Well the center was active and so i checked in and after some time requested descent via the LENDY8 arrival. I was descending and i noticed how much traffic there was on my arrival ! Almost 10-15 planes were very close to each other and the atc had to ensure the spacing. So we were given some vectors by the center. I was told to contact the approach and asked for a visual approach for the rwy 13L. At first I was told to expect the visual approach but then some time later, i received a message which said " Expect the ils approach rwy 22R. " And soon I was cleared for it. I found it quite impressive. They were able to issue a rwy change amidst all the traffic. I was asked to contact tower after sometime. Seeing that there were still many inbound on the visual, i expected a go-around message any time for me, but fortunately, there was no such message and I landed. The atc brilliantly managed all of the traffic. I taxiied to the gates and my flight came to an end.

Overall my experience was really good. The atc members seemed to be very patient, also, the traffic was better than what I had seen the other times. Patient and well versed with the atc instructions. after I parked, I gave a thankyou message to the ground to thank them for the great service they rendered.

Thankyou for reading, hope you have a great day/night🙌❤️


That’s awesome! ATC is trained so well, it’s extraordinary. What amazes me is that you said they were running the visual on the 13’s a complicated approach: it’s cool that ATC took the time to learn the approach and its vectors.

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That’s right, I was quite impressed