The King Of Bananas Buys Bankrupt Adria Airways' Air Operator Certificate

Something like that…

Considering other sources are calling him the King of Bananas, I’m assuming this translation is right.

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Last year in September, Adria Airways, Slovenia’s flag carrier, went bankrupt and ceased operations.

However, yesterday Adria Airways bankruptcy manager Janez Pustatičnik auctioned off its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and other licenses.

This was purchased by Izet Rastoder, an importer of fruits, hence the name King of Bananas. He bought the AOC for 45,000 Euros.

Izet Rastoder apparently formed “Air Adriatic” back in November aiming for charter flights. Now he owns Adria Airways’ AOC (not brand) so things could get interesting…


That title!!! 😂😂🤣 I thought I’d gone mad when I read that…

The…King…Of…Bananas 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

probably the weirdest thing I’ve heard this year…

Anywayssss…sad to see another airline go bankrupt - they seem to be dropping like flies…


He’s the Jungle VIP…

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jungle book jokes


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I hoped at least one person would get it 😂.

This childhood of mine…

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Nice, though I dont think that Adria can be saved…

More info here if anyone wants!

Also, that is one sassy name 😂

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Let’s see what will happen. For it to work, they will need a reliable and simple fleet. I hope this doesn’t flop and I might get to see this / a new airline in Zürich again.

So glad to see Adria coming back!

Air Adriatic Adria Airways



I really hope they don’t split up banana air, don’t know how appealing that’d be. Definitely a slippery slope.


Just to clarify for everyone, no, Adria is not coming back. Lets let it rest in peace

I still don’t get the whole “king of bananas” thing…

The buyer is commonly known as “King of Bananas” in Slovenia, that the reason for that one.

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That was a close one. For a second I thought that Spirit Airlines bought them out considering the title of the post.

HAHA! Given their aircraft literally look like bananas!

Izet Rastoder is the owner of the Derby banana brand, which is the largest banana import/export business on the planet! So, the national media in Slovenia has dubbed him as the “King of Bananas”

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I guess they needed something to deliver the orders for Donkey Kong

Hahaha! That’s great!

But no, it’s because he wants to essentially create a new national airline in Slovenia, where he is the only owner. He began setting it up in October when it was clear that Adria Airways was going under. He spent a lot time going on a media frenzy around Slovenia telling everyone that he was going to buy the Adria Airways AOC. Now he has, so it will be interesting to see what he has in stock next!

This is by no means in-depth, but I have found this article that talks a little more in depth about the deal.

Hahah dont count too much on it

That’s only what he has stated to the Slovenian media. Most people do agree with you that it’s unlikely (as do I), I was only stating what he’d said.

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