The Keflavik Flyout 9JUN24

Seen the vid on yt just now mine looks clean as expected

oh yeah i forgot youtube exist

On youtube

Its InfiniteInfo i think

Aight. Thx

Here the spotting video of the event. If you enjoyed the video be sure to consider liking the video and subscribing if you aren’t already. Also, if you would like to be featured in one of my upcoming videos then be sure to sign up for my event coming up in under three weeks!

Featured users: @Delta174J @AndrewGraham @OV-099 @MPH258 @YAWspeed @SAS640 @MAviationYT @flyinggoosey @Bay_Area_Aviation @CubanTwins @727Wrench @Probin @Prestoni @Pilotmannn @OrlandoForever @Mort @Willy_Bororing @Random_AviatorYT @Sandus @Corsair747 @NickBegeman @David_DeShields @Steve_Cadle @yvng_malik


Nice video

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Love it a lot

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Arrived into Heathrow 23 minutes early thanks to tailwind


Just landed at Bristol, smooth landing centre on runway. 2hours 20mins flight time total

I’m starting my descent right now! Been in the air for over 2 hours 40 minutes

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coming into Nuuk now, super nice views


Just landed in Innsbruck! Great event @Prestoni


I’ll take this gate @Prestoni

The event is over. Sorry.

it’s an inside joke with him lol he would get it


Oh. Well now i know lol.

Dang you literally upload so fast. It would take me weeks until a video like that got out on my channel lol

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Due to some “engine issues” (in actuality a time constraint that interferes with my landing), IcelandAir 657 will be diverting to La Grande Rivière, in Quebec, Canada.


Have a safe landing @Mort.

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