The KBUR Flyout Video!

The official video for the KBUR Flyout! If you haven’t already done so, grab yourself a gate!

What are you doing?

A cool little promotional video (:

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Thanks! Just want to get some more people to sign up

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what your asking @Ashton078

Nevermind bye

Ummm, okay

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Can you attach the link to the event page?

good video, a little funny with the music but I liked that good work

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What’s up with the music quality? Sounded like it was recorded from speakers…
Good video tho

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Sorry about that, I don’t know why, I’ll look into it

Pretty cool video ya got here!

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Thanks! I appreciate it

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I have added GA & Cargo to the Event, link at the top of the page

I love KBUR in IF and real life. Once the controller in real life was having a good day and let me do a fly by on my training flight on runway 15!

That’s awesome!

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