The Kazakh journey

Hello IFC! A few days ago, I decided to fly from Nur Sultan (formerly Astana) to Almaty on the newly reworked 757! Let’s get into it.

Today, we will be flying aboard a beautiful Air Astana 757-200 registered P4-MAS. She is about 20 years old, but the good people here at Air Astana have made sure she flies like new.

We depart from Gate six at Nursultan Nazarbayev international airport. Here is our plane:

After the announcements in quick Kazakh, we taxi to runway 22. Just before holding short, I catch @Muizzam landing from somewhere like Guangzhou or Seoul. That is quite far for a small thing like the 757!

After the runway is clear, I rev up the RB211s and rocket out of Nur-Sultan. I see not one, but two other planes at the gate.

After that takeoff, we climb over the green north of the Land of Borat.

We then cross a beautiful lake. Can you guess the name? Here it is from the cabin:

After crossing that lake, we start our descent over the (Atyrau desert? Karakum desert?).

Final approach into Almaty’s Runway 5R from the cabin. I wish I could just see Issyk Kul :

Now this is what I call an overflare! At least the passengers got there safely. It was also pretty buttery

After that, I cross runway 5L, now used as a taxiway. (pls update). I park at one of Almaty’s many remote stands. I took this picture showcasing the mountains behind:

Thank you for stopping by! I’ll see you soon!

What was the lake I crossed?
  • Aral Sea
  • Lake Balkhash
  • Lake Baykal
  • Lake Alakol

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Hey! This should be in the #screenshots-and-videos category, and you need to add some information and change the title to follow the category’s rules

Oops! I will change that now.

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Beautiful shots… the 752 soaring over the Plains of Tarashek

Lovely shots. RIP tail though…

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Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world


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