The Kansas City Fly-Out - Updated Layout!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Kansas City fly-out! This is my hometown and the amazing @A320_Flyerboy19 just updated the 2D layout to include our new terminal! This will make flying here so much more realistic and fun, so why not come join me in the city of fountains for this amazing fly-out!

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: KMCI
Event Type: Fly-Out
Date: March 30th
Time: 1700z

Terminal A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A01 American A319 Chicago ORD -
A02 American A320 Dallas Fort Worth -
A03 American B738 Miami @NonStopsAviation
A04 American B738 Phoenix -
A05 American CRJ7 Washington National -
A06 American A321 Charlotte -
A08 JetBlue BCS3 New York JFK @YAWspeed
A10 Alaska B738 Seattle -
A12 American A319 Philadelphia -
A14 Sun Country B738 Minneapolis -
A16 Frontier A321 Cancun -
A18 Southwest B738 Cancun @anon87523340
Terminal B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B40 Delta A320 Los Angeles -
B41 Delta BCS3 Seattle -
B42 Delta B738 Salt Lake City -
B43 Delta B717 Minneapolis @IF.Kaden
B44 Delta B738 Atlanta @MPH258
B45 United E175 Washington Dulles -
B46 Delta B712 New York City LGA @Apple_Haye
B47 United B738 Denver @Shane_Rossler
B48 Delta CRJ9 New York City JFK -
B49 United E175 Houston IAH -
B51 United E175 San Francisco -
B52 Delta E175 New York LGA -
B54 Southwest B738 Montego Bay @SouthwestVirtual
B56 Southwest B737 St. Louis -
B57 Southwest B737 Las Vegas @SouthwestVirtual
B58 Southwest B737 Atlanta @Javery_Mclean
B59 Spirit A320 Las Vegas -
B60 Southwest B738 New York City LGA @Muhammedj14
B61 Southwest B737 New Orleans @SouthwestVirtual
B62 Southwest B737 Washington National -
B63 Southwest B737 Baltimore -
B64 Southwest B737 Houston Hobby -
B65 Southwest B738 Orlando @SouthwestVirtual
B66 Southwest B738 Chicago Midway @SouthwestVirtual
B67 Southwest B738 Nashville -
B68 Southwest B737 Denver @RagonDragon
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
FedEx Apron 01 FedEx MD11 Memphis @Jason_M
FedEx Apron 02 FedEx MD11 Memphis @alikalbk
FedEx Apron 03 FedEx MD11 Memphis @Chris_Perez
FedEx Apron 04 FedEx MD11 Las Vegas @Flayzers_Aviation
Joint Cargo 01 FedEx MD11 Las Vegas @United403
Joint Cargo 02 FedEx MD11 Las Vegas @sammy0909
Joint Cargo 03 Prime Air B738 Riverside @737aviation06
UPS 01 UPS MD11 Louisville -
UPS 02 UPS B752 Louisville -
UPS 03 UPS MD11 Louisville -
UPS 04 UPS B752 Chicago Rockford -
General Aviation
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
General Aviation 01 - - - -
General Aviation 02 - - - -
General Aviation 03 - - - -
General Aviation 05 - - - -
General Aviation 06 - - - -
General Aviation 07 - - - -

Always highly appreciated!

Frequency Controller
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Approach @BrunoSantos
Departure @BrunoSantos
Kansas City Center -

Click going, interested, or not going to confirm your attendance!


Nice event


The event thing still doesn’t work btw
Like the “I’m going” or “interested”

It is showing for me

Ik but the buttons don’t work

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Put me down for GTS for now please

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Already a known issue

Actually this


@A320_Flyerboy19 @United403 You guys are added thanks!

Ohhh 😮 very nice flyout, this is the day I get back from my cruise and I’m not sure what time my flight lands

Sign me up for A10 for now


Signed up!


@BenjiTheBull is the new layout coming in the next update? btw im taking this obvs


It is on track to depending on if the OR is done in time, if not I guess I will just have to delay it another 60 days probably


Could I snag Sun Country to Minneapolis?


Fine even though they start in June 😜


i’m gonna attempt the impossible.



B58 Southwest B737 Atlanta

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I’ll take this

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Your up pretty late 🥶😈