The Kai Tak Throwback! @ RCTP - 050000ZJAN20

The Kai Tak Throwback!

It’s about time I showed some love to my home’s old airport, which sadly I never got to see, which is, of course, the very famous Kai Tak airport. Known for its perilous “checkerboard approach” that took 747s just over the bustling city, pilots that flew here had to undergo special training before being allowed to land there. It also made for the most fascinating plane spotting location as eager aviation enthusiasts watched heavies make the sharp right turn before landing literally hundreds of feet above them. Of course, it was soon overcrowded and closed in 1998 to make way for the new airport today. Let’s throwback to one of the most popular routes (and still is one) of the time - Taipei to Kai Tak!

Event Information

This is not going to be a flyout, instead is a group flight, as it wouldn’t showcase the true highlight of Kai Tak which is the approach :)

Route: RCTP - VHHX

Date and Time: 2020-01-05T00:00:00Z

Server: Expert

Aircraft / LIvery: Cathay Pacific 744

NOTAM: This is an expert server event, so behave realistically and use unicom respectfully - I assume you know what that means. I would also HIGHLY recommend flying the checkerboard approach in casual/solo to practice first as it is VERY HARD!

Flight Details

Flight Time: Approx. 1hr

Route: RCTP ELATO MAGOG CH GOLF SL R288 RW VHXX (see chart below for approach)

Flight Profiles

Below 10,000: 250kts at 2500fpm
10,000ft to FL280: 310kts at 2000fpm
FL280 to FL360: M0.85 at 1500fpm

Begin at 170nm to destination
FL360 to FL280: M0.85 at -1600fpm
FL280 to 10,000ft: 310kts at -1600fpm
Below 10,000ft: 250kts at -1600fpm
*Must reach the “SL” NDB at approx 4000ft and 180kts.


We will use Apron B gates at RCTP, although more will be added if necesssary.
Gate Attendee
B7 @Ecoops123
B8 @8SmartFlying

Remember to practice that approach before coming, but it’s always super fun and satisfying to fly! Hope to see you all there :))


Can’t wait to see this!!

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I’m sure hope im not going to be the one that tells everyone to practice the approach then fails it himself haha

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Lol. I’ve done this approach multiple times with no go around, so attempting to blow my own horn here without failure 😂. Sign me up! This is my 12am so I may not be able to attend. Ot depends on how I feel during the day. I think I’ll be fine.

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Yeah, I was going to say doing this approach at 1am isn’t gonna be to well…I’ll give you a gate for now!

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This is on my birthday! :)
I would love to come, but it’s at 1AM…

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Im so sorry, I live in HK so due to timezones i either have to please the europeans or please the americans…

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Mini bump! Try this spectacular approach in 2 weeks!

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