The Kai Tak of Dubai/ OOKB

There is an interesting airport close to Dubai, OOKB, offering a challenging final approach, I would say it is even more challenging then Kai Tak as your final turn happens right above the piano of runway 01. Maybe you want to give it a try.

I suggest to navigate to the beginning of the ILS cone, same as Kai Tak you can not fly a straight in, then fly a heading of 025 degrees until you make visual reference with this road and then follow the road until you are visual with the runway.

image image



Interesting, I like it. Great approach instructions

Be aware of wing tip strike, as you are still not aligned with the runway when passing overhead the piano markings.


Wow, really awesome approach and great pictures! Is this made up or are the operations at this airport really like this?


This airport has a daily service from Muscat with Oman Air, and I tried to look at the flight tracking. It seems that the tracking always drops off at this point, so I can only assume the approach procedure is or is similar to this:

(please excuse my poorly drawn line)


I had done some research when I edited this airport and found out that the approach into runway 01 has now been completely shut off. Even rare when it was allowed, there used to be an exception when winds were blowing only between 260-275 degrees as the approach pattern was followed by coming in from the east over the water and turning north into the valley before lining up with the runway. Plus the approach was only open to ATRs and RAFO aircraft.

Since now only E170s and the B738-B38M serve Khasab, It’s now only one-way traffic into OOKB. Landing runway 19, taking off 01. Pretty sure I didn’t add PAPI lights on the side of 01 too.


I was looking at pictures thinking…Why are planes trying to land on 01 when the other side seems wide open with water. lol

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Very interesting! I’ll give it a shot later actually haha.


First of all thank you for editing this airport.
That’s kinda tricky, landing in the direction of runway 01 only allowed when winds are from 260-275… means you have tailwind just in the moment during final when you are in the right turn to align with runway 01. And if the wind is coming from this direction I would expect wind shear due to the terrain behind the runway. But the good thing is there is this is Solo function in IF, and now I just want to try it out with the Dash 8, winds 260/15G25 and moderate turbulence. Let’s see how it ( I ) will end.


Well infact this wind was a tailwind only uptil you’ve lined up with the runway. Because of a rather steep turn onto final, the wind helped pushing the aircraft towards the left, on to the centerline, as pilots would have to start their turn earlier than expected because of terrain.

If the wind was absent, it’d be a situation of undershooting the turn, or, not being stable on final. Can’t imagine a 15 degree bank to the right when the 100 ft. callout comes on 😂

Paro approach flashback intensifies.
Now that looks like a hard approach!

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This is really cool. I’m going to try it! Another fun general aviation approach, and this airport needs editing, is Mountain Air (2NC0) in NC. A runway atop a mountain!

Because that is what pilots like most… anything different then a standart 10 miles straight in approach ;)

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So I gave it a try in the Dreamliner which worked out fine…but in the Dash 8 with winds 260/20G25 …well I caused a NOTAM :



I can see that lol. Have you tried LSZS to LOWI? You head east to LOWI and have to descend quite quickly and do a narrow left traffic approach to the other side of the runway. Pretty fun as well! I guess you could follow the road to LOWI, but what fun would that be lol