The "joke" that is the "Expert Server"

I can guaruntee you the staff see this kind of stuff every day, they just can’t be everywhere at the same time though

Yeah, there are. Some of us take this seriously and others are more casual

Like I said, some are more casual than others, you can’t really influence their decisions though

Im not sure why you did this then if you are thinking like this…

just to vent, because I believe that this post will not have any impact

That’s EXPERT?!?! Imagine Casual…


I would say that this is highly inaccurate. Just because you don’t see the things that happens behind the scenes, does not mean that they don’t.

But there won’t ever be a way for moderators or staff to oversee every single flight that takes place on Expert. That’s just not feasible, which is why we have automated violations. But same there, there’s only so much they can do. If we’re to “harsh” on the settings for those violations, you’ll have 1000000 topics like this, but with the opposite opinion… that we’re being too strict. We’re always trying to find the right balance to this.

Best option is to make sure that you attend an airport that are scheduled to be manned. That is the best option to avoid this to the best extent possible.


Ok but why can’t people get ghosted for past incidents of trolling/misbehaving? Say the report is on the same day and replay proof is provided, why can’t anything be done?

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Glad you to understand me.

Would you like to be on the receiving end of that inbox?
Honestly, some users are much more sensitive to what is to be considered “acceptable” than others are. We’ll be overwhelmed with people sending replays and complaints about various users doing things that they don’t like.

Honestly, people would even send us replays & complaints about people spawning in with the wrong livery. Not kidding. (and not pointing fingers at you there)


The best they can do is pricing and unfortunately we’re in a competitive industry where our competitors offer product at an already lower price if these people wanna spend the money to make the sim worse there’s nothing they can do about it that’s just the way it is I personally just ignore it.

I really don’t like how accepting people are of this behavior. I’m tired of people saying “If there is no ATC then there is nothing that can be done” or “That’s just how expert server is.” It’s ridiculous that expert server isn’t even an expert server. It’s basically a place where IFATC babysits people who don’t know how to fly. And if you aren’t flying in an IFATC controlled region, then it’s literally no different from training server.

Yes Jack, it’s it!!!

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Jack as much as we wish they can change it unfortunately they can’t unless they directly violate the written rules then they cannot be removed or so on and so forth.

Or people who just wanna fly with active ATC…

Casual Server and even Solo exist for a reason…


You can always fly on Solo. No ATC but no trolls and all that stuff.


If you head to an airport with air traffic control, these things will not happen and if they do, people will be reported and removed. If you would like to become part of this effort to help keep the skies safe and control, feel free to see the topic below want to below!


With ATC, exist pilots like this, imagine whithout.

Well its an shame that some people may not listen to the rules , but at the end of the day you just have to be the bigger pilot , I know personally its hard as when atc heads off especially at an airport like KLAX or even Dubai as myself I’ve seen people land on opposite side of the runway while someone is taking off , taxiing through people to takeoff faster . As theses types of things will just happen .

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To be completely frank, when there is no active ATC or a supervisor/mod that can spawn in then there is nothing you can do besides setting an example for others. Making a topic about the issues of expert server won’t solve the issue. I know that since there is nothing to do it’s frustrating, but life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes this happens. All we can do is be role models, and set examples for others.


Ehh this is just the nature of things and every few months a topic like this shows up.
The best action I’ve found is just messaging someone directly if they have an IFC account. Which is a big “if” unfortunately.
Personally I haven’t had an issues for a long time on ES, and I think it mainly depends on where you fly.


Good discussion, but not much more to say :)