The "joke" that is the "Expert Server"

Hello, I’m Fernando. I am the chief pilot from GOL and Varig Virtual Organization. I have to pilot on IF for almost 2 years, I’m not a professional pilot, but I always search for knowledge in aviation.

I’m doing this post because the Infinite Flight is a great simulator for mobile with an amazing multiplayer mode, and I’m almost giving up to simulate on it cuz I think that the STAFF from it don’t see, and what?

As you can see in the photos below, when we start a flight, it shows an announcement about the server, the rules, respect, and the serious simulation, which we don’t see it!!!

There are many “pilots” that see IF as a game, I think the ADM’s, MOD’s don’t want to get it as a game. I think that they’re blind for what is horrible the simulation with these pilots who PLAY and don’t have knowledge and experience for flying in Expert Server! I know that they won’t take this post seriously, but I want to upgrade this, I’m doing this post.

Things like these discourage and make people who want to enjoy the simulator, giving up!



I mean just PM a mod about it or someone important about it

U can’t do anything about it so Find a person who could do something about it

I mean… this is a mobile flight sim. The expert server part is mainly for when ATC is active. It would be nice if pilots were experts or professional all the time but we can’t control others or their actions. If there is ever anyone who is bothering your flight contact an IFATC supervisor to spawn in and they can evaluate the situation.


Omg Ik your pain man. The expert server doesn’t really feel to much that an “expert” server anymore. They need to raise the acquirements to obtain the express over


Isn’t necessary me for PM, the mods know about that, but they dont see it 🤷🏻‍♂️

There will always be noobs. I suggest you stay away from big hubs such as LAX, LHR, JFK, when ATC isn’t active as these airports generally attract these types of pilots.

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Welcome to expert server, first time?

This kind of behavior has persistent for a while, there have been attempts to enforce the rules but things like moderators don’t have broad ability to oversee everything. Probably won’t be fixed ever if we look at the precedent.


Well, seeing my question is on the last photo, wouldn’t the person get an acrobatics warning if they do the tight turns like that?

It’s not my first time, but I’m almost giving up to fly there because we all know about that, and the MOD’s don’t make anything!

I dont know, but as you can see, they are an idiot!

It’s really difficult to catch them in the act. Staying away from large hubs is the best way to go.

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Well, don’t say that. Sometimes the mods/staff do help out and solve the problem.

As said before the moderation team cannot be around the globe to monitor it at all times. You must make them aware so they can take action since they cannot be where you are 24/7. They will be more than happy to assist. The police cannot be everywhere around the clock so don’t you just report it to the police station? Same deal here. ;)


I’m avoiding, but these people are everywhere

Then just avoid them as best as you can. As I was landing in Zurich the other day someone crossed the runway as I was on short final. Yes, it was annoying to have to go around but at least you show them the example by being the bigger person.

Basically it’s people coming from Training Server who probably doesn’t listen to ATC and doesn’t care about the rules. But really, there’s nothing you can do.

but this analogy with the subject is totally different

Not really…because that’s a criminal crime compared to trolls on a mobile flight simulator, so technically it’s even more significant that your issue 😂

Sorry but i dont understand the point of this topic… what were u expecting from mods and devs when u made this topic?