The JetBlue A320 Livery — It isn’t coming

About the JetBlue livery, this is literally frustrating because we were excited about a new livery coming to the game and instead we have waited long overdue (10 months soon) with 5 possible updates where it could have came.

If you say “oh, it’s copyright issues, I don’t think it takes 10 months to actually get an answer. To further prove my point, this vote has been unlisted, unlike other votes.


Compared to this :

Also, staff aren’t going to have any sort of follow up on the livery cause they know they ain’t doing it.

Please have a civil discussion here, and please do not close this.


This topic has received a response in numerous spots. Not receiving the answer you want does not equate to “staff not following up”. We’ll share more information when we have it!