The Jeju Fly-Out! 22JUN24 [CANCELLED]

Hello everyone, welcome to the Jeju fly-out hosted by @AnotherPilot77! Jeju Island is South Korea’s largest island and has been a hotspot destination in Asia since the 1980s with its stunning landscapes, beautiful forrest’s, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and it’s delicious local produce. This is my first time hosting a fly-out event and what better way to celebrate this with an inaugural fly-out location Jeju Intl Airport (RKPC)!

There is a mix of short haul and medium haul flights so lets fill up this airport!

Note: Most of the airlines that fly from jeju haven’t been added into IF. So I’ve tried my best to improvise:)

Event Information
Server: Expert Server
Time: 2024-06-22T17:00:00Z2024-06-22T18:00:00Z
Airport: Jeju Intl Airport (RKPC)
Please spawn in 15 minutes before departure


  1. Any violations 1,2 or 3 aren’t my fault
  2. If there’s no IFATC use the unicom frequencies
  3. If IFATC is available listen to all instructions given
  4. Have a fun and safe flight!

Uploading: IMG_8367.jpeg…

It would be great if i can get some IFATC at this event!

Credits to @deltaoutofdca for the banners, @Prestoni for his teachings and @United403 also for his teachings!

Gates Airline Destination Aircraft User
Gate 1 JAL Express Osaka B738 @deltaoutofdca
Gate 2 Tigerair Taipei A319
Gate 3 China Eastern Airlines Shanghai Pudong A320
Gate 6 Scoot Singapore B789
Gate 7 Asiana Airlines Seoul Gimpo A321 @AnotherPilot77
Gate 9 Korean Air Busan BCS3
Gate 10 ANA Tokyo Narita A321
Gate 13 Air China Beijing Capital B738
Gate 15 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong A333 @Olivia12
Gate 17 Korean Air Daegu B739
Gate 20 Asiana Airlines Cheongju A321
West Apron
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft User
30 Thai Airways Bangkok Suvarnabhumi A333
31 Asiana Airlines Tokyo Haneda B772
32 ANA Tokyo Haneda B772 @Prestoni
33 Philippines Airlines Manila A321
34 China Eastern Airlines Tianjin B738
35 Korean Air Yeosu BCS3
36 Xiamen Air Fuzhou B738
37 Hainan Airlines Hangzhou B738
60 China Eastern Airlines Macau A320
61 Japan Airlines Naha B738
63 ANA Hiroshima A321
West Apron De-icing Pad
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft User
62 Korean Air Muan B739
64 JAL Express Kobe B738
65 Lion Air Denpasar B739
East Apron
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft User
51 Malaysian Airlines Kuala Lumpur B738
52 Asiana Airlines Gwangju A321
53 Korean Air Tokyo Narita B739 @Mort
54 Air China Harbin B738
55 Malindo Langkawi B739
56 Garuda Indonesia Jakarta B738
57 China Southern Guangzhou B738
85 Korean Air Xi’an B739
86 Air China Beijing Daxing B737
Cargo Terminal
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
80 DHL Muan C208
81 DHL Busan C208
82 DHL Mokpo C208
83 FedEx Busan C208
84 FedEx Busan C208
85 FedEX Busan C208

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