The Italian Air Force visits New Hampshire

Welcome to another special spotting topic!

This time, the Italians have taken over Portsmouth NH!

For the past couple of days, we have been receiving a lot of Italian Air Force equipment. We have received so far:

6x F-35 (Five this past Friday, one arrived today)
6x Eurofighter typhoons
4x KC-767
1x C-130

There are more planes coming, including one Gulfstream, which I will unfortunately not be able to see.
The best part was that it felt like an airshow, as the Fighters broke away from the tankers to land at the airport. I did not get pictures of the Breakaways happening, instead videoing the majority of the operations

They are here to train in the great state of Nevada, I think it was called Operation Red Flag in Nellis AFB.

I hope you like the pictures!

4 eurofighters alongside the KC-767 Tanker

Close up of the 2 of 4 Eurofighters

All four Eurofighters taxiing down to the hangers

First KC-767 taxiing off the runway

Second Batch of planes arriving, including one F-35

1 of 2 Eurofighters taxiing off the runway from the second KC-767

Second KC-767 taxis off the runway

Airport vehicles wait as the Second KC-46 taxis into the Ramp to park


You can view the Breakaways here

These are my pictures. Please ask before using them, thank you!


Wonderful photos!

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Wow! Thank you for sharing! Very nice!

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Thanks! It was so cool seeing them all in formation, then breaking off to land. The first ones came last friday when I was working.

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I just got done watching the video. That was really nice to see also. Must’ve been really cool in person. Did you catch any of them leaving? I thought at the end I heard someone say they were going to try…

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They’ll possibly leave this Thursday, in the morning before I go to work, when I’m asleep

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Just to show how many people showed up to see the Italian Air Force mini air show haha.

My car is the silver Subaru with the Amber emergency light bar. Lots of kids and some photographers came as well

Of course! The last KC-767 even waved at us (did you catch that in the video!?)!

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I thought you meant Portsmouth in England. I got minorly scared.

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I have realized that most of New England in the USA is compromised of England Town and city names.

It was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, not in England haha

That second photo is really good mind if I use it as a wallpaper?

Now these are so cool, awesome formation there!

pizza time intensifies

Those are some really great photos man😃


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