The Issues With Infinite Flight

Hello everybody, I’m aware this post may get flagged for “speaking my own opinion” but hear me out, I’ve been playing this game since early 2015 and watched things progress from just a few small regions for pilots to fly in, to the entire world people can explore, I commend the developers for the work they’re doing to help improve the game, however there have been a few short comings that have not been looked at since 2015.

One of the first things I’ve noticed is how there’s a whole bunch of unnecessary USA liveries, for example we have a whopping 14 combined Frontier and Southwest liveries. I spend a lot of my time myself flying in the states, and I’ve only seen those liveries used only a few times. Sure, Infinite Flight is a United States based company, however this issue of “diversity” and including “new liveries” everybody is pushing for is overshadowing the fact that some countries out there only have a handful of liveries people can realistically use. Infinite Flight did improve with this during the 757 update adding multiple African, Asian and South American liveries, however there’s some things I don’t get such as why the Aeromexico 757 was removed and replaced by the American Chrome 757 when we already have the American 752 in the new livery. Another issue with liveries I’ve noticed is how some countries’ airlines aren’t being fully represented in the game, for example, China despite being a country where air travel and Infinite Flight players are booming, only has 4 liveries. (out of which only one is still used today) This could prove to be a big problem for Infinite Flight as this could deter future Chinese players from even trying out the game. We could look to our competitors, Real Flight Simulator and MFSX for inspiration and add a “Community Livery Editing Team”, which already has a feature request open.

Another issue I’ve noticed with Infinite Flight is the addition of multiple redundant or unnecessary features by the staff. As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I commend the forum staff for recently adding the pronouns feature, however myself and many others feel this was unnecessary at the moment and the time and resources spent on adding it could have been used to help members who have a mental impairment. As someone who suffers from a multiple mental illness, I feel that we have been underrepresented and Infinite Flight should be doing more to help pilots with a mental disability. For example, in addition to the Pride events and the Black History events we can have Autism/OCD/ADHD/Dyslexia Awareness month which can educate our fellow pilots on how to help each other if someone is struggling. Our virtual airlines and community forum can have certain support/help points for those when they need it and the ability to change the font size and or coloring could help those with dyslexia. I could go and on about the things we can do to help those with mental impairments, but it’s important to remember we are all a community.

Another issue I’m sure many members have probably acknowledged is the should I say, ‘bluntness’, of some members - both staff and not staff. Too often am I seeing users being sarcastic or blunt to new members of the IFC who are just simply asking for help. Of course, to keep the IFC organised and running smoothly, there does needs to be a set of rules in place, especially regarding topics. However, for longer serving IFC members to think they are above others is just, to put it plainly, wrong. I believe that the attitude across the IFC needs to change, particularly if we want to keep this a friendly environment for all. This is something we all need to work on, together.

I understand what I have said above may divide the community, however it is a message I believe needed to be put across. I ask the staff that this is kept open, provided that a civilised discussion follows. Thank you all for reading, and I hope everyone can take something away from this.


This is a very sad truth from Infinite Flight, where questionable decisions are made in regards to what liveries should and shouldn’t be added. So I would want to put some criticism in regards to the livery picking.

  • Don’t try to have a cheap workaround for diversity by adding airlines that barely use the aircraft you’re focusing on. This is true within the CRJ family. China Express was a good decision, but Shandong Airlines is more debatable, since it is now phased out and was only used on select routes. This is, on a different scale, equivalent to potentially adding an American Avro Regional Jet without the 737 (this isn’t the case, I’m using this as an analogy for comparison’s sake). People would go nuts because of the lack of usage. Don’t be afraid to ignore a country just because the market doesn’t account for much use of an aircraft.

  • It is better to have the communities of every part of the world equally happy than have maybe 2 over represented regions overjoyed, and the rest disappointed.

  • People like a good balance between novelty and familiarity, as Tom Scott puts it. People like their home regions represented in some way (note that this isn’t just America were talking about, were talking about the consumers from all over the world), but there are situations where they’d want to branch out with good opportunity.

Morale of the story? The criteria should be: Balanced representation of regions around the world, and active usage need to be put together.


Adding on to Tsumia, the over represented regions are 99% of the time the worst, too.

Cough, JetBlue and southwest, cough.


Absolute facts. And what makes things worse is the ‘wall’ of community members trying to sweep this under the rug by saying ‘well no, Russia is represented because of the s7 a319 or Aeroflot 739’, for example.

When sadly, they couldn’t be any less relevant when one is retired and the other never even existed in the first place. It’s a shame people are too ignorant to realise this, but that is unfortunately the way it is.

Again, when mistakes with liveries have been reported (i.e this) we get ‘its a small issue’, when for some people it really isn’t that ‘small’. Especially when, in this case, it is the only realistic Russian short haul aircraft we have - it naturally becomes irritating. I’m sure if it was a US livery which had a fault, it would be an entirely different story.


Agreed with what you have to add on 😊. It’s unfortunate that my parents home country is so underrepresented by cute cat btw :)


Thank you for taking the time to share your opinion and experience along the way! We certainly appreciate the fact that you’ve been on this journey with us since 2015.

To address your primary concern, our livery selection is truly more diverse and plentiful than any other simulator that I’m aware of, excluding those where the user has the freedom to customize their own. A great deal of work happens behind the scenes to determine what liveries are added while also leaving room for future engagement. Our work is never quite done when it comes to aircraft and you’ve likely noted that we regularly release new livery bundles with unrelated updates as a way to acknowledge and utilize our voting system and overall community voice on our many platforms. The recently shared easyJet livery is a great testament to that. That said, we are also well aware of our core audience location! We’ll always have a greater presence of liveries from Europe and the Americas. There is no way to sugar coat that.

As for your dissatisfaction with our failure to recognize mental impairment, I will say we go to great lengths to accommodate our many unique members. We stand with and stand behind many causes, though I think the power to promote does still lie with the user. There is nothing stopping you from hosting an event, educating others, and supporting this cause. As a Regular who has been with us since 2015 I think you have plenty of influence to make it happen. I’ll also encourage you to not diminish the efforts made to make pronouns visible because the change implemented didn’t address your specific cause. Calling it “unnecessary” isn’t fair and quickly places us in a “darned if you do, darned if you don’t” scenario. Let’s not go down that road!

Finally, welcoming our new users! YES. We’re all very passionate about this and encourage everyone to be kind. Peer feedback is the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to ensuring people engage in a welcoming way. If you see something off, kindly reach out the a fellow forum member and provide feedback. One thing you might be able to improve is constantly criticizing US/EU livery requests made in the #features category. It’s discouraging the correct use of the category.

Thanks for hearing me out!