The Island Hopper - United 164

Today I decided to do a short but very iconic route of United Airlines, Guam to Saipan. This route was originally established by the predecessor of United, Continental. More on that later. But now, the pictures.

Server- Expert
Aircraft- 737-700
Time- This Afternoon

Here we are at the gate in Guam, preparing for the short hop to Saipan.

Taxiing out to the active. We are a fairly light load today.

Lined up, and cleared for takeoff.

Up up and away!

Climbing out and approaching our cruise altitude of FL160.

Welcome to our fairly low cruise.

Time to descend.

Putting the gear down for RW 07 at Saipan.

What are your thoughts on this flight?

Now for a question:

What was the airline that Continental founded to operated daily flights to and from Micronesia called?

  • Micronesian
  • Continental Micronesia
  • Guamiese Airways
  • Continental Express

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Cool Photos! Hope No One Contracted The Coronavirus!


Nice pictures! I always look for these kind of short hops with B737’s, I’d say I’ll try this once, thanks for the idea!

Stay safe;)

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Ah yes, island hopper time! Nice photos!

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