The Iron Mountain

Greetings fellow pilots and controllers. I have decided to do a segment called Less then, More then and In-between. It is where I will fly a certain distance in the simulator for a week. This section is less than 400 so I will fly less than 400 miles starting today.
My first flight was from MSP-KIMT which is Ford Airport/Kings Mountain.

Takeoff from KMSP


Descent into Iron Mountain

15 seconds till touchdown

Parked at the gate


Nice! I run the Minnesota/Wisconsin routes all the time.

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I will be exploring lots of airports in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. There is great scenery and it can be windy there so fun approaches will happen.

"yOu REAllY tHiNk yOU cAn LAnD at InterNatIOnal fALls? (Most non-Minnesota pilots.

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Yes I am planning that and also Bemidji and Duluth too in the coming days.

I did KBIJ the other day. Got some Screenshots as SkyWest 7372.