The Irish flyout! @EIDW

Hello everyone! As most of you know I hosted my first (and hopefully more) featured event at Dublin! It was the most packed and busiest days I’ve been at an airport in this game! So I do apologize if I did miss anyone that participated in the event it was extremely hard to get everyone in. Other than that my flight was from EIDW-BIKF which took around 2hrs and was on expert server. It took me an hour to even take off from the airport it was that busy! Thanks to everyone that joined and participated and I hope you enjoyed my event. Other than that enjoy the chaotic photos from the event.

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Chaos on the taxiway

Taking off

about halfway and over the Atlantic


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Thanks for taking a look see you all in the skies! -DF


I like it a lot

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The Qatar 787 is stabbing the 757. Expert server?
Great shots!

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This was on expert???


yes it was, it was a very busy time slot!

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yea expert man, that stuff was crazy…

There’s me, the lone Delta on pic 6 :) What a great flyout! It was one of the best weekends of flying IF I can remember.

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That’s great to hear, yea pretty funny you were the imposter Amoung them 😂

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Qatar and TUI merged :)


Yup, many things I have seen for the first time on expert that day.