The Interesting Courchevel flyout

We have one more gate
who is going to get it first?

I will take this, seems like a fun event looking forward for this. Thanks!

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of course congrats on taking the last gate
make sure to check out my other events

I would recommend adding a second wave, 30 minutes after this one, so more people can attend

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This again

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you are going to go to both events

Absolutely 1000%

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Nothing will stop me 😜

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@CaptainE @InfiniteFlyer01 @Comif @harrisonsauter111 @Ben_Walsh @_TheTexanAvgeek @RagonDragon please press going thanks

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are you going to have enough time

I am speedy boy
Don’t doubt my skills
My skills and impeccable and unparalleled

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May I take this one but to Zell am See? LOWZ


I doubt that, lol

I will get you down

can you sign me up please?

sure for which one

any space you have it doesn’t matter :)

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I have you down for going to Barcelona :)

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what plane? or is it my choice?

TBM or Cessna 208 your choice between those 2