The Instruments was reading wrong

Sure pop by in expert itself, are you spawning up now ?

Not now I’m doing my homework because my teachers wants are class to do it in class. After that I could spawn.

I will Pm you.

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The metar looks good to me, it’s a 15kts wind from 180deg, if I don’t ping you back feel free to fly a pattern and attach the replay at
And share it here.

IF mods, staffs, or Pilots from ifc can take a look and suggest you a solution.

The key 🔑 thing to notice is, is your weather server live with ✅ green tick on top right of screen when you fly, if it’s red your weather will be constant and will not change until the server is back online again, this can occur when your internet is slow or if the IF server takes long time to render in current weather to match your location.

Good luck.

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Ok thanks for your help today!

Be sure to land with a headwind instead of tailwind as this could also be part of the problem.

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Ok thank you for the tip :)

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