The Instruments was reading wrong

I was landing and then my Instruments was reading wrong. The wind was going up and down and then I turned to my computer and I looked at the weather for the airport I was landing at and it said the the weather is sunny and the wind speed is 2 Kts. Then my speed was just jumping up and down so I could not tell what speed I was going. This been happening for 2 days now. I already rest and deleted and downloaded it back.

Any screenshot/video of the issue? Can’t really fix anything without one.

How do I make the clip a file and send it?

Yup, either via Google Drive or an unlisted YouTube video would be fine.

Are you talking about the HUD or cockpit view?

Hud. If I wasn’t in replay the bottom to that shows your speed was doing the same thing as the hud.

Well yes, that’s completely normal from the presence of wind gusts, especially those that are sudden. There should be reason for concern, let it be a challenge for you!

You are also landing with a tailwind…

Ok. It was happening for two days so I was thing it was a bug.


  1. Are you flying in live server or solo ?
    If yes, check the metar, winds might be gusting plus turbulence might also come into role.
    If still it’s not working try reinstalling the app, this might help you.

I’m flying in live servers.

The wind reader was jumping up and down with the numbers so I could not tell which is the real one.

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And I restarted and deleted and downloaded it back and still does the same thing.

Are you free now, if you want we can check this out now buddy I can spawn at the same airport as yours and do a pattern work with you? Check if the conditions persists plus is it happening in all the airports ?

I’m not free right now because I’m doing my homework. Give me 9 minutes

So redo the whole flight?

Sure take your time, no worries.
Not redo the flight my friend, let’s take of and land in any of the server just to make sure if I am facing the same, and by the what is the airport name in the clip you have attached previously?

It was KDFW

What server should we do? I was in the Expert server when that happened.