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Hello and welcome to IFST The Infinite Flight Show Team. We are a building VA with amazing aircraft show capability so we can put on the best of displays all around the world if you are interested (or not) please click on of the links to be taken to our website.
P.S. We are looking for a COO (COO are being asked questions before we hand over the role) and pilots. Please check out our website and PM me on this account. If you have any issues with the website or the VA please PM me directly.
Thank you Josh


We now have our official Camera Man @Ksisky I would like to congratulate him on his new position.

We do have pilot rolls available and always will do we are still looking for the roles you banding then on the Website above

Please inform me … What is this about?

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Sorry, there are already several of these, and you kinda lost me with your run-on sentences.

Is this basically Infinite Flight Display Team? (IFM division)

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IFST Is much like any other VA, however our pilots will fly in events with us and do varying events. I just thought it would be cool to have something like this going on if you would like any more info please check out the website or PM Thank You

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No this is no part of IFM and will not only fly military aircraft. I did look into them topics before I created this

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Please be aware we are accepting partnerships from other VA’s PM me for deatails

We now have new roles plz check the website for more details

If you are thinking of joining please PM me and check out our website and this post thank you!!

We now have 4 pilots on the aitline

We now have an official Instagram account ‘@ifshowteam

This is our new official IF COMUNITY Account

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Thanks so much once again guys!!


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Please check out our website and PM me to become a pilot!!

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