The Infinite Flight scenery is underrated

Hello guys!

I want to share a vid with you I did in the last days flying around South America with my lads.
(@Infinite_Qantas, @mr_speedbird, @baseball_inferno and @CreeperXSR_Aviation)
^^ The Best! Thanks guys!

I have started recently a series of Infinite Flight movies on my channnel about the updated scenery we have received and want to show also how underrated it really is (well for a mobile sim).

All scenes were taken in Casual Server in the airspace around the aiports of SAME, SCCF, SPJL, etc.

I hope you enjoy the different angle what I took here on the scenery and fall in love with this majestic landscape. ;)


Yeah, I’m in 2 parts of the movie. so proud

Yes, was so nice to see you with us recording :D

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Yes, I eventually went AFK, but yeah…

It was fun


Hmm guess what will be the next movie about 😂🤔

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So true, maybe that’s why it’s been just two scenes huh 😂

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What about Europe?
i think we should change this to PM

Actually @T1MMY4L1F3_YT did once a request for a special Benelux movie, he gets a sub soon so we can get this on the way maybe


Oh and all the liveries and aircraft you can include there should be fantastic

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