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Two daytimes; Sunset and Night. I couldn’t tell which one looked better so here’s both :P


OMG that sunset one is amazing, your pics are awesone


Why, thank you! :)


EasyJet A320 landing at KLAX runway 25R



The range is long with this one…


The F/A 22 looks tiny against the mammoth A380


It sure does ;) haha


I flared way too early. But I wanted to show off the runway marking. And of course the A320.


“Cessna Citation X”


I think this is the Boeing 777-300 American Airlines. Appears to be, took this a couple weeks ago lol:)


Into the sunset!



You know how to take beautiful screen shot


Thanks! It’s not that hard honestly. I just crop out the bottom, edit the brightness and color, and maybe use a filter. And boom! It also depends on what angle you take the screenshot from.


777 gets an F-14 escort


I am not good at takeing screen shots you are the best, I really like yours. Please keep them coming ((:


Wow! Really love this one! Definitely putting this at the top. ;) If only that callsign wasn’t there though… Lol


Yeah I would’ve changed the settings so it wasn’t there but I was afraid I’d lose the really good angle