The Infinite flight photo competition || BravoCharlie vs. NoahM (WINNER ANNOUNCED!)

Welcome to the battle of the screenshots!


1: lighting edits are allowed
2: no photoshops
3: don’t pick screenshots from other IFC members

Ok, let’s meet the competitors:
In the left corner, he is known as the screenshotspammer .
He posts a screenshot topic every day. With the most amazing edits!
The one and only: @NoahM!

In the right corner, he is known as the editor
He posts once in a while. But when he posts OH MY GOD it will be amazing!
Lets meet: the one and only, @AlphaSeven!


Round 1.) GA
Round 2.) Narrowbody
Round 3.) Widebody


You as the audience will be asked to vote for the best

this competition is made by @NoahM and @AlphaSeven, if you really want to participate please PM them


Pictures coming up in about 5 minutes!

So we vote on the best photo??

Correct, the photos will be shown and you vote which one you think is the best!


Ok. When r the pics coming?

Just give Infinite Qantas un minuto and they’ll be there

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round 1, general aviation
Ladies and gentlemen:

Let the voting begin

  • Upper one
  • Bottom one

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By the way, credit goes to @ran for giving us the idea!


When is the next vote?

Voting be like
Hold up


2 days, approximately.
The poll will end in 24 hours, the competitors have then 24 hours to submit a screenshot for the next round :)


I’ve seen enough of both contestants to tell who’s photo is who 😂

They are both wonderful, it was extremely hard to choose.


Gosh I really should’ve chosen a more scenic photo… Mistake from my side.

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Not biased at all with the bottom one 👀

Both are really great photos!

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Suggestion: in an effort to avoid bias, would you consider removing details that would indicate whose photo is whose? It’s a bit obvious as of right now (even if you’ve only seen one or two of Noah’s topics), and I feel it would make the competition more fair. Just an idea…

Both photos are fantastic, kudos to both of you!


Those are nice pics.
This voting system is actually very good, glad no one can become biased over the pics.

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That’s a good point, and I do agree with you, we both have different “styles” that are sooooo different from each other’s and it’s really easy to tell who’s is who


For me, definitely the bottom one.

On the upper photo, I think the text kinda ruins it. You cannot see the whole plane, and there’s just water with small islands.
Nevertheless, great shot, but not my personal favorite.

The bottom one is just beautiful!
White background isn’t great though, I would’ve liked to see something else. It’s a heavily edited photo, some will say it’s over-edited, but I just thinks it looks great. The angle of the photo is also stunning! The Cessna in all it’s glory…
Absolutely amazing photo.

Just to be clear, I’m not criticizing anyone. Those are both great shots. I’m just giving my opinion, so please don’t hurt me. :)


I think it’s mostly @NoahM’s style to put in the location of the shot…
But next round :)

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