The Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Records Database

No kidding, you take a good look at his comment before giving me advice, my colleague noted that he made a non-stop 63h flight with an A359. Even if the physics of this simulator is in bulk, it seems hard to believe on the category it to announce even with a single engine.

Perhaps you should try before commenting. If you are going to take pot shots in the wild, don’t expect them to land well.

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I flew in a b78x from munic twice around the world till the game crashed when i was near tokio narita. total flight time of 69:19. i think it was the 10th landing at narita

Still nothing updated ?
More than two weeks since my record 🙂


CYYC-HUEN in B772 going west in B772 at a normal cruise speed (.84). Planned for over 24, ended up at TOD at just over 23 hours, stalled for time and got 24:08

I was think all ready dear @TheAviationGallery update the list but now i just know he didn’t .
Wondering why’s not do that .

Does this count with Ariel refueling.

I’m think if you make Ariel refueling it counts as stop .

Aww how s are people flying for 60 hours then whiteout refueling. There is no way

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There is way .

but if i tell you … You know what coming next .


When people go for time rather than distance lol

Hey guys, sorry I hadn’t had time to update the list lately as I’ve been busy. I’ll try to update it over the next few days.


So I’m a little confused. Is the non stop one including Ariel refueling? If it doesn’t then how did you fly for 60 hours @iidvdii??

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Single engine A350 for something

@Comif It’s without aerial refueling. If you fly at a low altitude (FL150~) @ 250 knots with 1 Engine on, you can get 50+ nonstop hours


Nearly 46 hours nonstop in the A350, took off from Mumbai, circumnavigated the world and landed in Jaipur, just south of Delhi.

Not even podium but I’ve got more records coming 😉


You will do more than that I know .

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You cannot make ariel refueling on A350 .

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KSAN - KMCO B77L 51:38 Nonstop

I have to mention this every time, but I’m running IF on an almost 5 year old phone and it just did 51 hours totally fine, no lag and barely any heat (and obviously no crash). This game is hyper-optimized if you want it to be.


How the…what the…it’s just…oh my Andrew