The Infinite flight Liveries

hello! Today marks the day when the sim turns 10 which is now a decade!(topic created 4/25/2021)
In the sim Infinite flight has its own liveries the first one was created in 2014, let’s go to the infinite flight livery, year to year!

the Infinite flight 2014 was the first one ever created for the infinite flight livery

a year later the 2015 livery came out i believe the first couldve been the a318 or the b747-8.

the 2016 version came out with the b787 i really like the black tail with the infinite flight logo!

Then the MD-11 infinite flight retro (2017 version) came out it really does fit with the MD-11

2018 version came out!

2019 version came out with the a350 it really does fit with the a350!

i dont know if this is a 2020 version or just that but i decided to include it anyway since it was introduced in 2020 with b757🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️



well thats it folks! it been 10
years of this game which has just little regions with no global then has went to global a now we going to have buildings and clouds?!?!
with 59 aircrafts
3 reworked aircrafts
and dozens of liveries!
I got the game in march 12 2013 and started flying online somewhere in 2014!

Which one is your favorite?
  • 2014 livery
  • 2015 livery
  • 2016 livery
  • 2017(retro livery)
  • 2018 livery
  • 2019 livery
  • 2020 livery

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 Thank you Infinite flight!

Coming soon: 10 Years Of Infinte Flight Livery

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