The Infinite Flight Independent Airline

The Infinite Flight Independent Airline (IFIA) is a virtual airline, but not just any virtual airline. In this airline you are an independent pilot; you choose your aircraft, route, weight, etc and still earn a reputation. Doing flight on the airline gives your virtual money, used on our website to purchase aircraft. Even though your independent, your fuel costs are STILL covered by us. Apply to join us by going on our website (Link above) Thanks for taking your time to read this.

-IFIA CEO, Keith James

Credits to Brandon from Sketch Flight for the livery.


I will apply

I have emailed you my application form

Just make a Google form please so we can do it easy

interesting concept good luck :)

don’t forget to submit your airline for a VADC check and add it to the VA Database

Thanks for the reminder, I sent an email to VADC for a check.


Look I don’t want to offend anyone but I can’t stop laughing when I saw it said: The IFIS 😂😂😂 Your choice of course, I like the website but that abbreviation is… Interesting to say the least

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Hey little advice for the form, you can add a HTML code to the website with weebly, right?

Used to, now it is a premium feature requiring pay. Might make Google form or purchase weebly premium at some point. I know, it is a pretty cheap VA.

Very different concept, good luck!

Sounds interesting. Definitely applying!

It doesn’t matter anyway, 95% of VAs uses subdomains. I like the concept, I’ll PM you with some questions.

You might want to change your price is a little bit!😂

You don’t know how much one earns per flight!

No, wages are actually pretty high

No the 777 is cheaper than the Q400

I know it is a bit weird, but I want to go by the newer the aircraft (When it was added to IF)

That is a good point.

So how much does one make per flight?

The amount of nautical miles multiplied by 1000 (Eg. 5 nautical miles, 5 x 100 = $5000) may seem like a lot but to buy a plane that is like 10 long flights. It will be easier to earn money when global flight is out. Sorry for the late reply.