The Infinite Flight Herald | Fifth Edition

The Fifth Edition of the Infinite Flight Herald is here! This time it’s on time!! Hope you enjoy it! Also, there was a new section added!

The Infinite Flight Herald | Fifth Edition | by The Touchdown Zone | May, 2021 | Medium

Huge thanks to all the journalists here at The Infinite Flight Herald, this would not be possible without them!


If you are interested in joining the team, please send a PM to @bbrockairbus

Congratulations to @applepro243 for getting IFC Member of the Week!

Congrats to @Allegiant_Virtual for getting VA of the week!

Congrats to @Captain_Lewis, @IF-JPC and @captain_trooper for best screenshots this week!

Huge thanks to @USA_ATC and his team at The Touchdown Zone for editing and publishing our news editions!

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Thank you 😊

Great article!


Wow, awesome article.

@Ethiopian_Virtual u got featured!!!

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I’m curious to know what made you guys to choose my topic as the feature of the week. 🤔


You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed

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The best person to ask would be @Captainflight he was the one who chose.

Glad you enjoyed, yes @Ethiopian_Virtual was featured.

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Yes it brings me joy to see people hyped about African representation

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How did I get one of the “best screenshots of this week”


Thank you Captain!

Hehe, @KTJ_Mitchell & @Prerb have you seen this yet?


I have! It’s awesome and I’m very pleased to be a part of it!


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