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No it’s I hope it’s not to KOLD out side


Gosh dang it

stop making fun of my home airport


If you want to become part of a community/VA I would recommend this to be your first. The sense of friendship and pride I received from just my first day was incredible compared to other VA’s. There is always someone to do something with at any given time. I am very proud to be part of this thriving community👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻


It’s so fun to fly the GA Aircrafts truly the best VA ever! Hope we can get at least 90% of the staff to join the GA fun!


Looking for a nice event to attend today?


Hey look, it’s my event.


Bringing The Internationalism Of Our Club To You

We have welcomed in a new automated bot into our club, It’s name is “GreetBot”. GreetBot’s Job in our Slack is to welcome every new person that enters our Club. Because our club is international, representing over 15 Countries… We believed that GreetBot was the perfect Bot for us!


Huge thanks to these people for dealing with me giving them 20,000 slack notifications…

@MishaCamp, @Cameron, @DeerCrusher, @hi15td, @AZA.DAL.610, @The_Geniusman, @MrMrMan, @Jmacd20, @Xpira, @Chris_Hoover, and @anon81054369

Sorry about that guys 😬

Watch On LiveFlight - VARB Summit

Watch us on LiveFlight as the IFGAC and 20 other VAs take part in the IFVARB Summit. This summit is anticipating to have over 200 pilots flying out of VHHH in a span of 2 Hours! The summit begins at 2000Z and the IFGAC flies out at 2200Z to RCTP in the TBM!

Although registration is closed, you can still watch us on LiveFlight. ;)

Watch us on when Event Begins

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Adios Welcomebot, HOLA Greetbot.


Au revoir Welcomebot, bonjour GreetBot


Arrivederci Welcome bot! Benvenuti greetbot


I am really glad to be the newest member of this awesome Club!


So happy to have you apart of this awesome club! 😊


Just submitted :)


I’ll welcome you slightly early ;)


Glad to have you apart of the club! :)


And I’m happy to be part of it to!


Have you heard of this VO? Do you like GA? If you answered no to the first question or yes to the second question, you should join. 😉😉😉


Do you like General Aviation Aircraft?

”If you never try, you’ll never know” - Jo Miller

We, at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club want you to join us as we fly General Aviation! Even if you don’t like it/never tried it… Flying in a group like this might change your perspective!

Join Here


Join us for our event! :)


The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is ready to have a great 2019! With that, we want to start hosting more realistic (Real world) events. Here’s the first of many IRL depicted events from the GA Club.