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Even better event then our last one? Join our 2nd event :)

TBM N851TB. Coming Soon to Infinite Flight

This club is amazing! I would highly recommend it if your even slightly interested in GA. Everyone on slack that’ll be it a little crazy is very generous, helping, and fun.



Thank you Xpira (IGN)! I would even personally recommend it for people who just want a group to fly with! Can’t wait for the TBM to create even more fun for this club


(Source: 101 Dalmatian’s - Disney)

101 Dalmatians Pilots

Within our first month of approved operations, I am proud to say that we have 101 Pilots in our Club! I can’t believe how fast this club is growing!

As we are on the verge of the TBM Update, our club is preparing for a lot of FUN!

Come Join Us


Nice Ballonchaser, honestly, this is the best club in IF, and alot of people seem to agree


Just put a self promo here and there while answering someone’s “question.” Works everytime. 😏


If that’s what you call it… Then sure. lol


We are one week away from the Dayton Beach GA Flyout! Sign Up Now :)


One week and a day @Balloonchaser, but close enough


“Join me on my Dash-8 flight! Close enough to GA. right?”


Our Weekend Events (We are not hosting one this weekend):

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Hope to see you guys in the skys!


Please come to the Daytona Beach GA Flyout, there is still plenty of space


The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club Welcome’s The TBM-930

Have you seen this aircraft yet? Flight Development Studio’s (FDS) has recently released a stunning Daher Aircraft… The TBM-930! This aircraft comes with breathtaking new prop sounds, new cabin views, and a awesome model! The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is welcoming this aircraft with open arms as we watch our pilots fall in love with this aircraft!

The TBM has now been added to our website as well as our fleet

More Aircraft - More Events

We feel that we should add more GA Events to this community… So apart from the once weekly Saturday or Sunday Event, we will also be adding a weekly Wednesday event series called “Fly Small or Not at all” (Name Creds: @The_Geniusman). This series will be aimed at flying our smaller aircraft (SR-22, C172, C208) to small airfield’s. This event series would basically just be a really laid back series.

New Way To Log Flights?

We are currently in the middle of finding some easier ways to log flights in the IFGAC! Currently pilots fire a log like a real pilot would… We want to keep the realism aspect of it but just make it easier for both the logger and the pilot. Keep your eye out for the change

If you have any ideas please let me know! :)

120 Members & Counting! Join The GA Movement!

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First TBM Event This Weekend! Sign Up!


Join The Featured Event For The October 21st Weekend! (I edited this airport as well)


I hope it’s not too… KOLD.

I suck at jokes


Yay! Glad to see that my first VA is great! Thanks @Balloonchaser for the great VA 😉


Join Tomorrows Event! It’s going to be a fun one! :)


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