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Finally. I can finally fly the slow planes. :)


I’ve been hearing about this a lot before this thread was made. And, it looks very promising! I might consider joining this in the future. Good luck!


@mwe2187 always causing problems…

Anyways @Balloonchaser this is looking awesome. This is definitely the best GA club that has entered the Infinite Flight atmosphere.


Rude… 🙄😤

Insider Joke


Lookin good balloon it is well worth joining!!


Just had a great flight with the IF-GAC. Sooo much fun to finally do some true VFR piloting. All the pilots are professional, polite and very positive. Can’t wait til the next one. Awesome event @Balloonchaser 👍🏿👍🏿


Go Check Out & Attend Our First Event!

With already 30+ Attendees, it is bound to be a great event!

Join Us As We Max Out PHOG!


Soaring Into The Triple Digits

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is on the verge of hitting a large milestone: 100 Members.

This is not only stunning in the fact of the amount of people that are now flying General Aviation with the club daily… But also that fact that these people are not just members… But active members… The attendance of IFGAC from our last event was stunning and we keep growing!

The Future Looks Bright For IFGAC!

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How come no Super D?


Im not surprised. You do such a great job running the club why wouldn’t someone want to join?


The Super Decathlon is not added in our fleet as determined by a majority of the group… It is unflyable.

In the future, the Super D may get added along with the TBM, ACJ, BBJ, and SpitFire & P-38.


Unflyable? What? I believe it’s the easiest plane to fly.


I honestly think the P-38 is a lot harder,


Yeah but try to taxi the darn thing.


Use full up elevator just like in a real taildragger. It’s simple.


Alright Alright… lol

Our Future Plans are this:

TBM Added To Fleet When Available

Then split the club into 3 Aircraft sections for all to fly

Luxury Vintage Recreational
ACJ Spitfire C208
BBJ P-38 C172
C750 Super D SR22


I’m still gonna join though,sounds really cool


Oh trust me! Its a fun group of people to be around. :)
^ Especially the occasional Misha that pops in with some random Non-GA Group Flights… xD


100 members is amazing! Great to see such a wonderful club succeed! Can’t wait for the TBM!


True, so true, it is honestly hilarious