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Do you like General Aviation Aircraft?

”If you never try, you’ll never know” - Jo Miller

We, at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club want you to join us as we fly General Aviation! Even if you don’t like it/never tried it… Flying in a group like this might change your perspective!

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Join us for our event! :)

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is ready to have a great 2019! With that, we want to start hosting more realistic (Real world) events. Here’s the first of many IRL depicted events from the GA Club.

Hoping to bring even more members in @Balloonchaser

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The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is proud to be taking part in the farewell flight for our dear friend, mentor, and pilot; @Matt as he departs from his Presidential position in BAVA ago focus on studies. We wish him the best of luck on his future projects and endeavors.

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It’s GA Day on the Expert Server! Expect an awesome day!

The following airports will be open on the Expert Server:

Teterboro (KTEB), White Plains (KHPN), Long Island MacArthur (KISP), Martha’s Vineyard (KMVY), Bangor (KBGR), Atlantic City (KACY)

Make sure to join The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club to be involved with everything that’s going on today externally and internally!


The Journey of a Lifetime!

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is proud to begin our journey around the world in the TBM! This journey will begin in the United States and take you throughout the world through a series of ~72 events! The IFGA Club is excited to announce that Delta Virtual will be joining us on all legs of our journey and other VAs will be joining us on the legs that go through their VA region! Get prepared for TBM Mania!

Don’t Miss Out! Events take place every Thursday

Our First Leg:

I need to talk to balloon chaser about joining

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Weekly Update

April 22nd, 2019

Around The World Tour


After a highly successful first leg of our Around The World Tour (With Delta Virtual), we are excited to continue this series and venture this lovely world that we live in right from our phones/iPads/etc!

Leg 1 Statistics
1 VA Partnered
20 TBM-930’s
Lots of Laughs and Fun!

Join Us For Leg #2:

Welcoming The CubCrafters XCub

It’s always an awesome surprise when you hear that a new aircraft is being worked on by our developer friends at @infiniteflight… But it’s even more awesome when you hear that it is a General Aviation Aircraft and that it fits in your VA/VO’s fleet! We are excited to watch as this Cub gets developed and as we begin to get our hands on it!

Continuing the Internationalism of our Club

Did you know that the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club spans over 25 countries and 17 time zones?!? It’s amazing how the world can connect through a GA Club!

Deputy President Position Filled

Everyone knows that it’s key to have a functional staff when running a VA/VO. Over the next couple of weeks I will be filling our positions with real world pilots (Student, Private, Commercial, Retired of any aircraft type). This will help us exceed expectations and lead to us doing great things. Without further adieu, Welcome @Chris_Hoss to the IFGAC Management Team! Chris is a Student Pilot from Australia and is training on the Piper Worrier and the C152. Please join me in welcoming him on this journey! Chris is going to be an awesome asset to the IFGAC Management Team!

Fact of The Week

General Aviation generates more than $150 billion in economic activity annually and creates 7.6M jobs! - Source AOPA

Isn’t that amazing?!

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Hello! Just applied! How long does it take to get added?

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Hi! I have a question, is there any test that I have to pass? Also, is the pilot logbook optional? Thanks!

There is no test that you have to pass but we do hold our pilots to high standards in terms of their level of skill. Logbooks are actually suspended right now until we fix the system up a bit after mishaps.

Hope that you apply soon!


Hi! Thanks for the reply! I really want to apply but here are some things;

  • I don’t have Live at this moment
  • Do I have to use the logbook when it returns to service?
    Do these things affect the joining process, or no? If no, I’m applying now!

All good. Just get live as soon as possible for your enjoyment in this club. When the logbook returns to service, you do not have to utilize the logbook but we will highly recommend using it. :)

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Hey!! I have send an Application to IFGAC, sorry to Ask but How long time dose it takes before i will Get in? And will XCub be in the Fleet when it’s out?

The XCub will be in our fleet.


Offfff!! Nice! I am lokking forward when i am in but do you know How long time it can take before i am signed in?

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We have been invited to participate in one of the largest events between numerous Virtual Airlines/Virtual Organizations, the Pacific Joint Event Series. Members of the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club are encouraged to sign up directly with me to secure a spot either directly or via PM. With expected turnout to reach numbers passing 200, this is surely an event you won’t want to miss!



Infinite Flight General Aviation Club

Q3 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club’s Q3 Newsletter. A lot of fun things have happened over this quarter (Northern Hemispheres Summer) and its not over yet!

General Q3 Current Club Stats

165 Total Members
8 Staff Members
23 Events

Creating a New Future With New Staff

Recently in the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, we have lost 3 staff members due to time constraints. We wish @natedog508, @The_Geniusman and @Jmacd20 well. In part we welcomed a total of 5 new staff members to the team. Congratulate them and welcome them aboard!

New Staff Members -
@FLY_BOII31 - Flight Management Director
@Sasquatch - Regions Director
@Ryan_E - Chief Flight Instructor
@HelloSkyMan - North American Regional Director
@Luke_L - Oceanic Regional Director

Up & Coming Events

The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club loves hosting events for the whole community to join in on the fun. Feel free to sign up for some of our up and coming IFGAC events!

Cheers To The Year!

Did you know that the IFGAC recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary? We are happy to have been around for a year on this amazing simulator and we can’t wait for whats in store for us!

The Future

Theres a ton of new stuff in the works! Our staff members are currently working on their own individual projects and we cant wait for them to all come together! Some things that you can expect would be a new website, crew center (of some sorts), a training program, a new thread, new cool things (duh), and crazy awesome events being created by 6-8 people now!!! Things are about to get wild in the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club and we hope that you come and join in on the fun!

The Hype For The C172 Rework

If you aren’t aware, Infinite Flight lately announced that the C172 has been reworked and that new physics and a new instrument panel will be installed! The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is beyond excited for this as the C172 is usually overlooked as a great aircraft to fly and we hope that with this rework, that will all change.

Check Out This To Keep Up To Date With The Awesome Work Being Done By Our Great Developers

By all of us at the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club, we thank you for keeping up to date with the happenings of this great club and we hope that join us soon!

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So exited to see it! It is amazing