The Industrial Norfolk Flyout 05JAN24

The Industrial Norfolk Flyout


Welcome to Norfolk, United States! This city is the largest city in the state of Virginia in the United States. It has a variety of options at this airport, and a hub airport for Breeze Airways. Norfolk also hosts a coast guard base on the other side of the city from this airport. Props to @MANDELA for making all the banners and gate assignments for this event as they look beautiful! Come join us in Norfolk!

Event Details

Event Time - Thursday, January 5, 2023 6:00 PMThursday, January 5, 2023 7:00 PM


Gate Assignments

Terminal A
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
01 Southwest B737 Nashville @Makdak
02 Southwest B737 Denver @Munich453
03 Southwest B737 Chicago Midway
04 Spirit A320 Fort Lauderdale
05 Southwest B737 Orlando
06 Southwest B738 Baltimore
07 Spirit A320 Tampa @anon87523340
08 American E175 New York LaGuardia @IFlyer
08A American A319 Charlotte @RagonDragon
09 American B738 Dallas
10 American B738 Miami
11A American CRJ9 Philadelphia
11B American E175 Washington Ronald Reagan @MrGoatX
Terminal B
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
16 Frontier A321 Orlando
17 Breeze A220 Tampa @YT_Sniegutizzz
18 Breeze E190 Windsor Locks @Cole_Woodard
19 Breeze E190 Jacksonville
20 Breeze E190 Fort Myers @Is_cj
21 Delta CRJ9 New York Kennedy
23 Delta E175 Boston @DJW
24 Delta B757 Atlanta @Apple_Haye
25A Delta CRJ9 New York LaGuardia
25 Delta CRJ9 Detroit
26 United A320 Houston
27 United B738 Denver
28 United E175 Newark
29 United A320 Chicago @Skyline_AV
30 Sun Country B738 Atlantic City
Cargo Stands
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
01 UPS B757 Richmond
02 FedEx C208 Manteo
03 FedEx B767 Memphis


I am not responsible for violations
Follow all ATC Instructions
Respect all other planes and player
Be professional, it is 2023 if your curious
Have fun!


ATIS Ground Tower Departure Center
@Butter575 @Butter575 @Butter575 - -

These please

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Can I get Delta A319 to MSP?

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757 to Atlanta Baby

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This please

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Me please!

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There is no flight to MSP

You have all been added

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Yes, it’s a new route to be launched.

It is a CRJ-900, my mistake.


ill take this one. gotta enjoy florida

I’ll take this

Gate 08 American Eagle to LGA pls

But since this flight is operated by Republic Airways what e175 livery should I use ? Republic airways or AA Eagle ?

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Can I take this route please?

As the flight is not launching before the event, that flight is unavailable

Everyone has been added, @IFlyer thats your choice

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Same as @MANDELA plz

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Signing you up

Dang. Too unrealistic? Could I do a Sun Country “charter” to Minneapolis?

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if this is on an E175 too can i take it