The incredible story of the Boeing 737, the best-selling airliner of all time

The Boeing 737 is the best-selling airliners in the world
Until last July, Boeing received 14,866 orders for the aircraft
Since 2011, the new 737 MAX has received orders for over 4,700 specimens, becoming the fastest-selling airplane in the history of Boeing
Since its debut in 1967, 737 has become a pillar of airlines all over the world, covering different roles, from short-haul flights to transatlantic flights
The 737 is also used as a merchant carrier, as a corporate jet and for military use
The Boeing 737 is omnipresent. If you have taken a scheduled flight in the last 50 years, it is very likely that you have been a Boeing 737, and that’s because Boeing sold so many. Since 1965, the US aviation giant has received orders for an impressive figure of 14,866 specimens of 737. In April, Boeing delivered the 10,000th 737, a new MAX 8 model, to Southwest Airlines.

To give an idea, Boeing’s second best-selling airplane, the 777 wide-fuselage, received a little less than 2,000 orders; but it must be emphasized that it is a long-haul aircraft, it costs many times more than 737 and is used in different segments of the airline market.
With a surprising versatility to say the least, over the years, the Boeing 737 has proven to be a loyal transporter for airlines around the world. Of the plane that debuted in 1967 as a regional 50-seater jet, several variants were created with over 220 seats for transatlantic flights.
With the introduction of MAX, the veteran 737 is ready to continue flying well beyond his 70th birthday.
However, Boeing’s sales department will have to work hard so that the 737 maintains its crown. The rival Airbus A320 is on his heels. In May, Airbus reached 14,678 jet orders for the A320 family.
In 1964, Boeing began working on a narrow 50/60-seater fuselage airliner for routes between 80 and 1,600 kilometers, about half the size of the smaller Boeing jet at the time, the 727.

At the time, Boeing was known primarily for its larger jets such as the 707 and …

As a result, the aircraft presented in January 1967 took the name of Baby Boeing. The original 737 is what today we would call a regional jet.

To save time, Boeing used the same top of the fuselage of the larger 707 and 727 for the 737. As a result, the Baby Boeing cabin has the same width as the company’s largest jets and, as a result, six seats
The 737-200 is based on the Dash 100, but with a slightly longer fuselage. The first Dash 200 was delivered to United Airlines the day after Lufthansa’s delivery of its first 737-100. The 737-100 / 200 was powered by Pratt & Whitney’s JT8D turbofan engines.


Amazing piece of work that plane, shame I have never flown on one, and I fly quite often.
Nicely written :)


Wow awesome history and information
Great thread 👍

It’s impressive but over the years there has been very little innovation and that can be seen clearly with the facts that the Airbus A320 family is outselling the B737, given it came out many years after it’s suprising to see this trend but it’s clear that Boeing need to up their game and I guess that’s why they have created the Max aircraft, to try and stop the A320 family from taking their title.

The Boeing 737 is my favorite aircraft of all time. She is just beautiful! I love how she is doing so well in the airline market!

Yea the 737 is doing crazy even right now. United and Delta have over 150 737 on order right. With Asian carriers ordering over 100. It has grown a lot since the 737-200 to the 737 MAX 10 with it’s crazy gear. I think a longer 737 could come out and look like the 757-300 long body but close gear. Cool topic

Very nice! 😊 I like the history of the 737. Shame that when I flew on one it was Ryanair so it wasn’t such a good experience…

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