The Incredible Beauty of Peru

Hello Everyone!

As some of you might remember from my last post, I have a unique mode of flying in Infinite Flight. I always take off from where I last landed. I also try always to fly realistic routes that exist in real life. That means that if I want to get to a certain point on this planet, I have to figure out how to get there.

At the moment, I’m on an 8-flight trip from Aberdeen (Scotland) to King George Island (Antarctica). The reason behind that exotic destination is that I want to discover some of the new scenery in South America.

  1. Aberdeen (Scotland) - Amsterdam (Netherlands) ✅
  2. Amsterdam - Frankfurt (Germany) ✅
  3. Frankfurt - Layes (Portugal, Fuel Stop) - Bogota (Colombia) ✅
  4. Bogota - Cusco (Peru) ✅
  5. Cusco - Lima (Peru)
  6. Lima - Cordoba (Argentina)
  7. Cordoba - Ushuaia (Argentina)
  8. Ushuaia - King George Island (Antarctica)

The pictures I share with you today are from flight number 4; Bogota (Colombia) to Cusco (Peru).

See, I could’ve flown directly from Bogota to Lima, but I wanted to make the infamous approach in Cusco. And oh boy, it was worth it.

Todays Flight Details
Date August 10th, 2019
Aircraft Avianca A318
Route Bogota (SKBO) - Cusco (SPZO)
Server Expert

The scenery around Cusco is one of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever flown at in Infinite Flight. Flabbergasting and majestic mountains, lakes, a magnificent view over the city, …

Not only that, the approach into Cusco is enjoyable as well. I decided to go realistic because it is such a challenging airport and I followed the DARKI1A STAR. This approach brings you in from the west at a right downwind. You have to fly on the downwind until you get behind a mountain, then turn base around that mountain and get back on short final. Very challenging as you have to keep a good eye on your altitude, but when you get down, it’s amazing.

To summarize: Not only do you get so see one of the most beautiful places on this planet, but you also get fo fly a very challenging but fun approach. I do recommend this flight to everyone.

Have a good weekend and many happy landings!


Bogota-Cusco is a route that I have been planning to do for quite a while. I do admire the beauty of the Andes and the Cusco approach is breathtaking, although I flew at night and almost crashed. Very nice photos @Marc.


Beautiful! That scenery is amazing, and I love the avians livery!


Amazing pics and genius approach to fly on IF!

It really is! Getting around that mountain while maintaining a stable descent is a nice change from those standard ILS approaches 😃

(And you get to enjoy this great new and beautiful HD scenery)

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The pictures look amazing Marc, I wish you good luck on your flights through beautiful South America, and those landings and takeoff should be challenging and very fun to do 😄

Where’s Paddington when ya need him as a tour guide?

Awesome shots mate.

This should be on the IF routes 2019 wiki