The importance of taking off quickly

Alright guys, I am honestly frustrated about the amount of people who don’t know what the “Cleared for takeoff” command means… So here is what it means.

Cleared for takeoff means you are cleared to enter the runway and depart, today, not tomorrow. Many people decide that it’s time to take a nap while a controller tells them to take off. When a controller tells you to take off, do it. DO NOT sit on the runway when a controller tells you to take off. 5 seconds is okay, but 30 seconds is not okay. Go arounds are not fun, and especially when you have a full pattern or are extremely busy.

Cleared for IMMEDIATE takeoff means, get your airplane on the runway and get out. Don’t even ask for wind data, just go!

Expedite means to get off the runway, NOW, not next week, not tomorrow, now.

Please save all of the advanced controllers time so we

  1. Don’t issue a go around
    2.Disrupt the pattern
  2. Ghost one of you
  3. Involve a crash, guys, we already deal with that enough with @StikLover2

So please, don’t dottle on the runway. Thank you :)


Thank you for posting this David :) If you are Ina hurry you can also slap on a please expedite command as well!


I will add that in right now.

When I am just cleared for takeoff, I will take a bit more care to line up with the centerline, stop, do a short engine runup, release brakes and roll.

When I am cleared for immediate takeoff, I do not worry about a perfect centerline line-up and start rolling immediately.

The first still only takes 5-10 seconds max.


I saw the title ‘the importance of takeoff’ and my first thoughts were ‘um well yano the whole flying thing doesn’t work without it so it’s kinda important’

P.s Immediate TO doesn’t mean N1 4017%, it just means hurry up about it


I enter the runway and throttle up until N1 shows 40% while also ligning up with the center of the runway, is that OK?

Yes, as long as you are moving. If you completely stop, it becomes an issue.


When I takeoff I usually line up as much as I can to the center-line because most of the time I am told to line up and wait.

[quote="Furtive_masstwofourf, post:1, topic:26392]not next week

I’ve yet to try that one…


You should depart directly even if you’re just cleared for takeoff since there is no reason to stop on the runway. Brakes + engine runup is for short runway takeoffs.

Yes, it is.


Finally, something right!

Amen to that! I had one sit at the rwy for 2 minutes yesterday. Wasn’t traffic disturbing though, just extremely annoying.

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As Mark says

don’t get on the runway and file your FPL, get a coffee made by the co-pilot, check for winds, have some general talky with ATC, and have some donuts.

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Yeah, Shakespeare, it’s pretty annoying.

Has been still happening so I will bring this back up. It is super important guys!