The IFVARB's Anniversary

This month will mark one year since the IFVARB was founded by @NEO and @Ben_Schenk. This year has been filled with ups and downs in the board, but one underlying factor in us keeping it going was the Community’s support. The team would like to thank everyone who has supported the Board since the beginning as well as all the VAs for being supportive of our mission.

We would also like to thank the moderation and staff team for encouraging our mission to better the VA category. I think everyone can agree that there has been an improvement in quality, and we have seen some truly excellent VAs come and go.

As a way to show our gratitude to you guys, we will be organizing a special event shortly which we hope everyone will enjoy. Even if you aren’t a VA member, we invite you to show your face in your favorite livery.


The two founders may not be involved anymore but the progress and work is still up there with the usual standards. Keep it up guys!


I can’t thank IFVARB more for what they have done to VA Structures in this community. Thanks to IFVARB, we have seen amazing and organized VAs in last one year. I do hope IFVARB can keep improving in the upcoming years to accomodate more and more new Virtual Airlines demand. Once again, thanks alot IFVARB! 😊


Congratulations IFVARB!!!

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Congratulations and Happy Birthmonth (Not something you’ll hear everyday lol) IFVARB! Can’t thank you enough for all you have done! Keep up the standards and the good work :D

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Congrats IFVARB you guys do Great Work! Keep it up!

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