The IFVARB Virtual Airline Database

Hello, Cebu Pacific Virtual would like to join the list. How are we gonna be able to join? :)

Hi, I reccomend you PM @DeerCrusher with your VA Info. Goodluck!

Anotha’ one has been added. Congratulations to EasyJet Virtual! More VA’s are on their way to the database with global quickly approaching. 😃


What happened to Lufthansa Virtual, their website doesn’t work anymore.

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Hey there,Can someone help me,I’ve been trying to contact all IFVARB Admins and says that I can’t send them message,how can I send them a message?

Hey! You’re currently TL0, just post and reply productively and you’ll reach TL1 in about 10 minutes.


To add on what @BluePanda900 said, just keep in mind that you’ll need to be a TL2 better known as a Member user to post in the #live:events category when you’re VA has been certified. The Event category is where you will be posting various outings that you might carry on within your VA.


I tried contacting an Administrator, but none of them would reply, so I just want to join your slack because
I have some question! If someone could DM me for the slack invite that would be great!


DM me with a valid email address and I’ll add you. Thanks.

Okay! Great,
I sent you my email address!

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Congratulations to South African Airways Virtual! Another virtual airline operating in the global skies.


Are their currently any alliances in the VA community?

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SkyHub is a big one.


Lufthansa and Frontier have formed SkyHub, an alliance. If you’re interested contact @Lolo31R who I believe still runs it.

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isn’t there a Hawaiian virtual?

Also may I know what happened to Korean Air virtual? I loved the Va so much but now it’s gone!

If a VA is not on the list, it is one of the following:

A) Not active.
B) Non-existant.
C) Not approved yet.

IFVARB has added Hawaiian Virtual to the list.

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Tailwinds Flying Club, is new and recently certified, has been added to the database. Love to see the unique and adventurous side of the community starting to be explored with this as an example. Looking forward to seeing if we get more unique VAs/VOs added to the list. Keep 'em coming guys! 👏🏼


Thanks for the kind words Deer!

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