The IFVARB Virtual Airline Database

I’m currently awaiting for an approval from my IFVARB assistant @DeerCrusher, if you want to sign up now then tell me
SunJet Airlines FTW

Just hired a vice president, cant wait until I can try to get my VA up here (after its approved of course, waiting on @DeerCrusher for the response)

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Please be patient… I can imagine that he is very busy with life as well as with approving Virtual Airlines as the VA Community is growing. Also, please remember, This is a VA Database Thread… Thanks :)

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I have a VA still under approval aswell, just gotta be patient my friend😉

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A doubt IFVARB is only for AV or can also organized group that has site and registered pilots.

translated from Portuguese to English

Air Austral Virtual has to be registered

You need to PM @NEO to get your VO added.

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I’ll get it added. Thanks


Air Austral Virtual has been added. Congratulations!

@OHNO Changed.


I am thrilled with the work put into each of these VAs. I also am thrilled with the work put into this post itself. Great job @DeerCrusher


Love this thread, great to see so many active VA’s represented! Im thinking further ahead here, but would be cool to have some realistic collaboration within VA’s on global release with hubs listed and a “global” view of members (obviously there are tons of members within VA’s, but maybe when a member hit a certain rank within that VA they would then be listed).

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At Sun Country Virtual, hubs will be a thing. Post-Global, we will be representing in and out of MSP. :)

No i agree… the VA im a part of does hubs as well. Just saying it’d be cool to see a VA collaboration on hubs and such on a central IFC page

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Could you go more in depth? Have a hint of what you are saying but not a complete picture

I’ll PM to clean up the convo on the thread!

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Congratulations to Asiana Virtual. Newest VA on the block and ready for global.

With the latest updates from the developers and global being just around the corner, its time if you haven’t done so already, to prepare your global routes that your VA plans on using. (Not required but highly encouraged as region flights will be slim to none) Lets strive to make things as real as possible within reason; if that is something your VA/VO strives to achieve. Global brings a whole new level of realism to Infinite Flight and it would be even more spectacular to see real world routes being flown. I and the IFVARB are looking forward to seeing everyone out in the global skies. Let me make clear, that these VA’s in this database should be extremely proud where they’ve made it to this day and the amount of work that they put into their VA/VO. Congratulations to all! 😊


Hi, I’m new here and was wondering if I had to be a certain grade in game or rank on the forum to be able to join a VA? Also, what perks do these VA’s give?


VA entrance requirements are all determined by the VA. There is no IFC requirements for joining a VA (except not being banned from the community). You will have to review the application requirements for a VA on their website/thread or ask a VA staff member of the VA’s requirements.

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OK, thanks for the help.

Yay! Another certified VA! Best of luck!