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This is the official database for all VAs that have successfully made it through the certification process. These are the people that use passion and dedication through their quality groups as part of the drive to be ever enhancing our VA community. For further information regarding IFVARB, click here. Congratulations to those who have made it up there!

Virtual Airlines

Aerosync Aerobatics - @Matteo


At the height of professionalism, and as one of the biggest and longest standing VOs in the community, Aerosync sets the standard for the communities virtual airlines with a professional staff team, frequent events, and a very active youtube channel featuring premieres of that latest goings on within the organisation!

Air Austral Virtual - @Virtual_Pilot

Air Canada - @JacobVanZanten

With a modern, stylish and sleek website coupled with a wealth of pilot resources and customizability, Canada Virtual is really maximising the use of their resources.

Air France - KLM - @AF-KLM_VA

A partnership of two of our youngest Virtual Airlines, but some of the world’s oldest airlines. This is your classic commercial Virtual Airline and for those looking for something more relaxed and cheerful

Alaska Virtual - @Dashsolpher1

A lesser known Virtual Airline, which flies shorter and more remote routes. Certainly, when global is released, this virtual airline would be great for those looking for challenging and unique routes and approaches

Alitalia Virtual - @Fall_Etto

One of our newer Airlines, who are always looking for more people to join their growing family

Asiana Virtual Airlines - @Rowdy_Kepler

Asiana Virtual is doing what we do best!

Aviation Airways/Corporate - @Daniel_Cerritos

This original airline is for those who want something other than a real-world airline to fly with.

British Airways VA - @Matt

An established Virtual Airline, BAVA offers a diverse fleet and routes for pilots to choose from all the way from rank 1.

China Airline Virtual

China Airlines Virtual is the only Virtual Airline based in East Asia, it offers pilots an excellent selection of aircraft for pilots to explore the world with.

Delta VA - @anon2063420

Delta VA is one of our bigger Virtual Airlines. They also won the IFVARB logo design competition too. So, yeah, they’re pretty cool.

EasyJet Virtual - @FlowingGlint61


EasyJet Virtual Airline (VA) was founded in 2017 and our focus is to provide our customers with the safest and most enjoyable flights possible. We have a network spanning throughout multiple countries all across Europe including, Amsterdam, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and many more.

Emirates VA - @Harris_Carvel

Emirates VA flies from the desert city of Dubai and offers pilots the opportunity to see far-flung destinations around the world with their widebody jets.

Etihad VA - @Milen_Jacob

From Abu Dhabi to the World - Here at Etihad Virtual Airways our goal is to satisfy every single member of VA by providing them high standard hospitality services.

Frontier Virtual Airlines - @SkyHighGuys

Our only ULCC Virtual Airline, Frontier Virtual is an active, vibrant airline that would love to have you!

Hawaiian Airlines Virtual - @Balloonchaser


There’s nothing like “Fun In The Sun” with Hawaiian Virtual!

Infinite Flight Air Traffic Services (IFATS) - @Liftoff


Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service (IFATS) is Infinite Flights leading Vocal Air Traffic Service. Advanced Training is provided by us so ATC and Pilots of all skill levels are welcome to join. Join our Discord Server today using the link on our website.

Disclaimer: Not associated with the official IFATC.

Infinite Flight Air Force (IFAF) - @Mags885


Vires in Unitatis - Strength in Unity: We simulate a real world military organisation with a realistic rank structure. We are breaking new ground in how VAs operate by changing how we certify pilots on aircraft, how flights and missions are allocated and bringing a real community feel by encouraging formation flying during fighter patrols and combat missions.

Infinite Flight COBRAS@Rodney_Buckland

This collective of fighter pilots has organized virtual dogfights and other events. They also offer escort services if you require some additional protection for your fight.

Jet2 Virtual@Chris_Wing

One of the newcomers to the VA scene, Jet2 Virtual offers a vibrant website and a friendly team.



The only Virtual Airline to be based on an airline from South America, LATAM VA offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

LuxAir Virtual - @AlexNo

An airline based on the flag carrier from a small European country, LuxAir virtual offers a variety of small aircraft, and some large aircraft through its Cargolux subsidiary.

NetJets Virtual - @NetJets_Nick

NetJets Virtual features an innovative concept, enabling pilots to fly private aircraft anywhere from the small Cessna 208, all the way up to the 737-900 under one fleet.

Qantas Virtual - @QantasVirtualGroup

Fly Qantas Virtual Group

Qantas Virtual is one of our most well-established airlines. Offering a critically acclaimed-experience, this virtual airline has something for everyone.

Qatar Airways Virtual - @QR01

Qatar Airways Virtual is based on Qatar Airways based in Doha, Qatar. Like Emirates, Qatar offers pilots an exciting fleet of aircraft to take to destinations all over the world.

RegiJet - @OHNO

This virtual airline offers small aircraft for pilots want the flexibility of flying commercial with small aircraft. To add, this VA is very active and has fun events every month.

SoFlo Air Virtual - @Cpt_Chris


“Fly In The Infinite Sunshine”

South African Airways Virtual - @Owain_G


One of the Africa’s most popular and biggest airline carrier, offering pilots a large fleet and exciting destinations

Southwest Virtual - @CaptJackson

Southwest Airlines Virtual’s slogan mirrors the real-world ethos of Dallas-based Southwest Airlines. They may have a small fleet, but they have a big heart.

Sprint Virtual Airline - @JayTasch126

Sprint Air is an innovative and fictional virtual airline. They are an airline that strive towards diversity as they have a fleet filled with variety and many different routes all over the world. Whether your a novice or an expert in Infinite Flight we would love to have you aboard the next big thing.

SunCountry Virtual - @Ryan_Farell

One of the newest VA’s to join the community, is dubbed “The Hometown Airline”. They currently have a promotion for their Ufly Rewards Program giving out a bonus 5,000 miles. SunCountry operates a fleet of Boeing 737BBJ’s as well as some Airbus A321’s.

SunJet Virtual - @Boeing747-8


SunJet Virtual Airlines - “Life is a Journey, Travel it Well”

Swiss VA - @SwissVirtual

An airline located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Swiss is sure to offer pilots a challenging experience flying among the mountains when Global is finally released.

Spectre Air Group - @Chris_Ridgell


Another innovative concept from the community, Spectre Air Group has the ability to fly with any airlines at any time to satisfy their contract requirements. This airline is for pilots who want a little bit of everything.

Tailwinds Flying Club - @Daniel14


We’re a flying club who understands the constraints of everyday life, with school, and whatnot. We solve that by making group flights easier to do by giving group flying times well in advance, and with predetermined destinations, so you can find a flight that is ​right for you! –"Flying Farther Together"

TAP VA - @Narruto_Mieumieu

TAP VA, officialy representing Portugal in the Infinite Flight community. If you are Portuguese or not, join us, we accept all pilots, experts or not.

TravelSky - @BavariaAVIATION

Travelsky, being one of our oldest Virtual Airline has built up a reputation of both realism and fun. They have had their bumps in the road, but this “final form” seems like it is here to stay

Tui Virtual - @J9J9T

United Virtual - @mattrich


With a great website, realism, fun and hyperlinks for days, what more could you want?

United States Coast Guard - @Charles_Fosbroke

5,000 lives saved and over 350 mission hours, one would assume this Virtual Airline is extremely active

Wizz Air Virtual - @Jeno_Farkas


Wizz Air Virtual is a new starter in the world of Infinite Flight. We are committed to make everyone happy whilst flying with us and help their overall progression.

Virtual Organizations

Infinite Flight News - @Matt

Image uploaded from iOS-19

IFN is the best place to stay up to date with all the latest News about Infinite Flight. Between the website and Instagram we will give all the news as soon as we get it. Bookmark the website and follow the Instagram to keep updated with the world of IF.

Plane & Pilot Events - @PlaneCrazy

Plane & Pilot is an organization that creates weekly, well organized events. They also create events for other VAs, which can be planned via a form on their website.


  • If any VOs are missing from this database, then please have the nominated representative PM an admin with a website and suitable image.

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