The IFVARB’s Second VA Summit (VA Applications Closed) @ EDDF - 072000ZJUL18

Airport: EDDF – Frankfurt International

Date: July 7/8
July 7, 2018 1:00 PM (America: Los Angeles), July 8, 2018 6:00 AM (Australia: Sydney), July 7, 2018 9:00 PM (Europe: London)

Server: Expert

Welcome all VAs to the VARB’s 2018 VA Summit in Frankfurt! With Community input and meticulous work from the VARB, this Summit promises to be the best yet. We will have IFATC Service at the Summit, so we do require all pilots to have a detailed understanding of procedures for the event. Ghosting will be strictly enforced since all of the event pilots will have detailed access to the event procedures.To allow your VA to attend the Summit, please privately message both @Bluepanda900 and @Danman with the following information. Your message will not be processed if you do not supply the necessary information.

  • VA Name
  • Number of Pilots Attending
  • Departure Airport
  • Flight time for your route – please be as exact as possible (We recommend some people in each VA fly the route to give a realistic estimate for time)
  • Aircraft your VA will be flying. There is a cap of fifteen aircraft larger than a Boeing 767 or Airbus 330 for every VA attending the Summit.
Ground Procedures -- For Questions, Please Contact @Danman

While ATC will be available on the ground, the high traffic volumes mean that pilots must be diligent when taxiing. Always yield to the right when on the ground if controller instructions are not available.

Primary Reference Document - Ground Plan/User’s Guide

Please use the Frankfurt ground charts as linked below.

  • To ease controller workload, please yield to traffic approaching from the right at an intersection to prevent collisions.
  • To ease congestion and maximize throughput, please reduce runway dwell times by vacating in an expeditious manner.
  • The north side of the airport will be heavily congested during the event. To alleviate congestion and reduce confusion, there will be designated taxiways for traffic heading east and west to reach their stands. Please use the designated taxiways in the assigned direction to reach your stand.
  • When arriving on stand, please pull all the way forward to the designated stopping point to prevent parts of the aircraft overhanging the taxiway/ramp area and causing potential collisions.
  • Please make sure you’re using the correct taxi line on your stand. Most aprons can co-accommodate both Code E and Code C aircraft.
  • Please park on the correct line to maintain wingtip clearance. We’re bursting at the seams. We will all fit if everyone follows the gate assignments.

Please view your gate assignments here.

In-Air Procedures -- For Questions, Please Contact @BluePanda900

We will be having IFATC Control for us at the Summit. Four Radar Frequencies will be operating during the event.

View this document about the arrival procedures created by @Joshfly8.

There will be two runways active for arrivals during the event. Each participant is allocated an arrival slot. Please adhere to the assigned arrival times to ensure proper arrival spacing.

Pilots are divided between the two runways in the Google Sheet, if you cannot find your name on the Google Sheet, you’re assigned a different runway. Please use the handy tabs on the bottom of the page to access arrival assignments for the other runway.

Assigned arrival paths are attached above and below. The north runway (07L/25R) will be used by summit participants approaching from the north, the south runway (07R/25L) will be used by participants approaching from the south with exceptions.

If your VA is among those with an approach from the north and landing on the south runway, hear me, and rejoice, for your aircraft will be used to contribute to the balance between the north and south runways. #ThanosDidNothingWrong ;) (We’ll DM you instructions and details ASAP)

Please read the instructions carefully and follow them to ease the workload on controllers. Pay particular attention to speed and altitude restrictions to ensure that consistent spacing is maintained.

All pilots should use correct cruising altitudes as outlined in the thread below.

Cruising Altitudes

All pilots should correctly contact the approach and center frequencies. Once handed off, the ATC will be able to see the runway for each person, so there won’t be a need to re-request landing unless asked intentions by ATC.


Hello everyone,

To make our lives easier, we would like to ask all VA’s to finalize their numbers before making a copy of, and filling out the google sheet linked below. Once that has been filled out, please send it in an IFC DM to both myself, and @BluePanda900. Once again, the registration deadline is June 26

Thanks, and I hope to see many of our VA’s there on July 7.



FedEx Virtual will definitely attend. When all our spots are full we will apply!

Please just fill out the cells we need you to fill out. The stands we will assign.

Oh ok, sorry didn’t read that was for you guys! My bad!

Aegean Virtual will also attend. Will fill out the info ASAP!

FedEx Express Virtual is definetly coming, we have just sent in our application! Our pilots and us are very excited to be able to make it to this event and we can’t wait to meet up with other VA’s at EDDF!

Aegean Virtual will also fill out the application later on today. Looking forward to it!


Awesome, we can’t wait to see Aegean Virtual at the event!


Say hello to three more additions! Tailwinds, Aegean and Fedex have all been added to the procedures spreadsheet. The deadline for registration is on June 26. Register your VA today!


Looking forward to it @BluePanda900! We have our sign ups in progress and finalizing this week


Registration closes tomorrow! Don’t forget to register :)

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If only 6 VA’s are attending… Is the cap of 15 A330/B767 per VA still in effect?

Could another VA have a small flyin? Would they be allowed to participate if not signed up? (Just some questions)

We’ll assess this after registration closes.

Yes, but we prefer they register so they receive gate assignments.

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Due to my power going out, the registration deadline was delayed a little longer than expected, but registrations are now CLOSED. Thanks to all VAs who submitted applications, you will see your names on the list shortly if they are not there already.

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Hi there I work in IAV has it all ready been added to the list as we applied! :)

So can only va come? What if your not in a va?

If I’m not wrong you have to be in a VA that is participating in the summit so your only chance would be to join one of the VA’s listed in the main post and sign up for the summit internally in that VA…

You can still attend. We do request you follow all procedures outlined here and in IF, please also try and avoid taking a reserved gate.