The IFVARB Official Virtual Airline Database

Amazing work as always guys. Hope to see lots of you joining these wonderful VAs we have!


Awesome! I love our IF VA’s can’t wait for all our new inspired CEO’s to share the amazing feeling of being a leader!

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Glad to be a part of this team. Anyone is free to PM me or @Dubya if you need anything here to be updated!


I’m searching for a VA to be a member of, any managers or CEOs please contact me… I’m grade 3 and I have 430 flight hours

i recommend u check the database look for a VA that interest u go to there website and sign up to be apart of them or contact them

I don’t care which VA

then just sign up for any VA there.

Did it, they didn’t answer (did it 7 Days ago)

They cant respond immediately you should expect a response from any at the latest 48 hours

Look at the edit… I did it one week ago

@rubinedan What VA was it maybe we can get in contact with the CEO

You should take this to a PM.

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ELAL airways VA…

Hello, I contacted the VA Airfrance-KLM to be part of it on their site. I just want to know how long it can take before I get an answer?

All the VA’s ask for is patience @Marc.Stinger! Invites usually can take 24-48 hours based on availability in the VA. Some VA’s have a waiting list once a pilot applies for it as well, so make sure to read through their thread for updates


Okay, thanks for the information.

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@Marc.Stinger I am currently a member of our support team at Air France - KLM VA so I will quite happily send you a Private Message in order to sort this out. We do apologise about this as we usually would have you with us within 24 hours of the application completion.


Changes to Database - 08/27

  • IFGAC Added
  • Top ‘quick links’ updated with working URLs

Yeah Looks Amazing! Love the Database!