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This is the official database for all VAs that have successfully made it through the certification process.

  • For queries regarding the database, please contact the IFVARB Administrator corresponding to the VA in question’s region.
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North, Central and South American VAs European and African VAs Asian and Oceanian VAs Fictional VAs and VOs
  • If your VA is misrepresented or is missing, please contact one of our database managers, @Dubya or @Cbro4 on the forum.
  • Big thanks to @BluePanda900, @Brandon_K and (and a little bit) @EwanFleming for helping put this database together.

Aegean Virtual


CEO: @Moonlit

Main Hub: LGAV – Athens International

Why Join? We offer pilots a relaxed yet professional atmosphere, while also supplying any resources required for realism. With a large route system and fleet, we can offer you a diverse environment. Join us as we discover the beautiful landscape of Greece!

Aeroflot Virtual Group

CEO: @Northwest

Main Hub: UUEE – Moscow Sheremetyevo International

Why Join? A thriving virtual airline with the history of the fourth oldest airline in the world. The flag carrier of Russia making virtual airlines fun again. Hundreds of routes, amazing fleet, easier grades. Sincerely Yours, Aeroflot.

Air Canada Virtual


CEO: @NateDog508

Main Hub: CYYZ – Toronto Lester Pearson International

Why Join? Here at Air Canada VA we bring together what’s best about Infinite Flight. We facilitate a safe and more importantly a friendly environment. We, the founders, have hailed from numerous different VA’s with years of experience. We are open to change and love people’s opinions. We guarantee you’ll love what you see!

Air France – KLM Virtual Group

CEO: @Omar_DeWindt

Main Hub: LFPG – Paris Charlles De Gaulle International, EHAM – Amsterdam Schipol International

Why Join? Air France-KLM Virtual Group was named Infinite Flight’s “2017 Best Overall Virtual Airline” by SkyTrax IF Virtual. With 30 planes in its fleet, an expansive route database, and a dynamic mix of VA-only and public events, Air-France KLM offers pilots a structured virtual airline platform combined with a relaxed, inclusive community culture that appeals to both casual and advanced aviation enthusiasts seeking a rewarding VA career.

Alitalia VA


CEO: @Johannes_koelsch

Main Hub: LIRF – Rome Fiumicino International

Why Join? We truly believe in mature behavior and professionalism. We offer vocal and text training. Our events, most of them in summer, feature beautiful routes and approaches. Join immediately!

Allegiant Virtual


CEO: @Vietnam_Virtual

Main Hub: KLAS – McCarran International Airport

Why Join? Allegiant Virtual is a fairly new airline that is based on America’s Ultra-Low Cost Airline, Allegiant Air. Allegiant Virtual hopes to become one of Infinite Flight’s favorite Ultra-Low Cost Airline and, strives for customer service, dedication, and realism. We offer a handful of routes in the United States out of our bases including Las Vegas. So if you’re looking for a relaxed but professional airline, see if Allegiant Virtual is the airline for you!

American Virtual Airlines

CEO: @Chris_Hoover

Main Hub: KDFW – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Why Join? American Virtual is based in America but flies all over the world. With over 1100 routes to 350 destinations, you know you will be able to explore over 50 countries as a pilot. All you have to do is go to our website and fill out the form to become a pilot! So what are you waiting for?

British Airways VA


CEO: @Matt

Main Hub: EGLL – London Heathrow Airport

Why Join? An established Virtual Airline, BAVA offers a diverse fleet and routes for pilots to choose from all the way from rank 1.

Caribbean Virtual

CEO: @rileymoyer

Main Hub: TTPP – Port of Spain Piarco International

Why Join? Why should you join? Well, that’s easy. Experience a professional, but fun atmosphere, and fly to beautiful destinations across the Caribbean and North America. Climb the ranks of our Loyalty programme to get rewarded for your work. Increase your skills by specializing in specific aircraft types. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website or main thread to join today. We hope to see you flying with us soon!

Cathay Pacific Virtual

CEO: @the777fan

Main hub: VHHH- Hong Kong International Airport

Why join? Hong Kong is a multicultural city. Being the British colony before 1997, Hong Kong is influenced with many different types of ideas. Our VA follows the spirit and welcome just about anyone, from everywhere. We aim to connect and to execute professionalism in our virtual airline. Unique features include a type rating system, fully functional crew center and every route(Including 5th Freedom) is covered in our VA. Connect yourself to over 100 destinations, spanning over 40 countries and 5 continents. Join today to give yourself a taste of the global perspectives this airline has to offer!

Delta Virtual Air Lines


CEO: @mwe2187

Main Hub: KATL – Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport

Why Join? Delta Virtual Air Lines is a non-profit organization and is made to give our pilots the most professional and realistic flying experience in the Flight Simulator, Infinite Flight. We have nearly 350 destinations along with nearly 1,200 routes that our pilots fly daily. We are always open to having new pilots join. Just simply fill out our application on our website and get a reasonable grade on your written test and you’ll be a DLVA pilot in no time. Join Today!



CEO @David_Beckett

Main Hub: KRNO Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Why Join? We are quick. We are precise. We are competitionless. We are Team dynamX. Team dynamX is an extraordinary professional aerobatic display team, performing up to real world standards. Utilizing the F22 to upmost potential, the majority of our pilots have been performing together for more than a year. Expect an explosive show when you book the one and only Team dynamX.

easyJet Virtual

CEO: @Artem_F

Main Hub: EGGW - London Luton Airport

Why Join? Here at EasyJet Virtual we’re striving to give you the best possible experience. With a new type rating system we are enjoyable as no one else!

El Al Virtual


CEO: @Davidberman

Main Hub: LLBG – Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International

Why Join? ELAL Airlines offers you great opportunities to fly from the beautiful land of Israel. We also offer pilots to explore the world by departing from the Middle East to destinations such as the USA, Canada, and more! Apply now to fly with us at ELAL Airlines!

Etihad Virtual

CEO: @Jake_Savage

Main Hub: OMAA - Abu Dhabi International Airport

Why Join? We are a highly professional and committed VA that works to help all our members have an exceptional simulation experience. Operating from Abu Dhabi and several code share hubs, we have a database containing over 500 routes on all inhabited continents. We hope to see you in an Etihad Livery soon!

Executive Jet Charter

CEO: @Mags885

Why Join? Executive Jet Charter have several hubs throughout the northern hemisphere with the intention to expand this winter. Challenge yourself with flying to over 10,000 destinations right around the world, using a vast fleet of over 15 aircraft and the most realistic and true to life procedures IF has to offer. The Staff team work tirelessly to process flight bookings from the IFC and issue them to the pilots, meaning the route network really is wherever the client wants to go. If you want to join the elite, to transport the elite - look no further.

Fedex Virtual


CEO: @Chris_Ridgell

Main Hub: KMEM – Memphis International

Why Join? At FedEx Express Virtual, we are constantly aiming for professionalism, realism, flexibility, and ways of improving. While we offer our pilots the convenience of having actual FedEx routes readily available, we also have the flexibility to let our pilots have routes added upon request or simply pick a departure and arrival airport that is not in the route table and have an enjoyable flight of their own making. We have friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable staff members and pilots that are located all around the world ensuring that there is always someone available most hours of the day or night. We have one of the most fully integrated and feature rich management systems available alleviating the workload of our pilots to allow them more time flying and less time doing reports. Join FedEx Express Virtual today, where our pilots make the difference!

Gol Airlines Virtual

CEO: @Wendel

Main Hub: SBFZ – Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport

Why Join? Because we are the first approved Brazilian VA, we are also quite welcoming. Our main goals are to bring reality to the pilot, to be friends with pilot, and understand different situations that life brings. We are always doing events, polls, and more because we want our pilot feel the urge to fly and be active. Here a pilot’s opinion is always heard and discussed, and we are open to suggestions and questions! Not sure if you want to be part of our VA? Our fleet of aircraft is small, but our heart is huge!

Infinite Airlines


CEO: @callum5124

Why Join? IAV are not your conventional airline copied from the real world. No, they are the complete opposite. IAV is a professional VA split into three main detachments: QRA, Military and Civilian. This means there is a chance for everybody to enjoy themselves within IAV! Even better, we are original and unique with no real world basis.

Japan Airlines Virtual


CEO: @Samuel_Szeto

Main Hub: RJAA – Tokyo Narita International

Why Join? A cutting edge airline that prides on their skilled and active pilots with a strong sense of community. We at JALVA promise to be the most adapting, innovative and a strong power for all standing Virtual Airlines. We welcome you aboard to JALVA.

LATAM Virtual


Main Hub:

  • SBGR - São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (LATAM Brazil)
  • SCEL - Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (LATAM Chile)

Why Join? The Board and current members are always respectful, and we try our best at all times to deliver the best, and most professional VA experience to all. We have a large fleet, which gives our pilots a wide variety of choices in-between which aircraft to fly next! Apart from the fleet, we also have amazing routes for pilots to enjoy!

Our demand for excellence is what gives our VA the unique taste. We seek for a friendly environment to all, where no one is punished but taught. We work with the quote: “give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” - Lao Tzu

Malaysia Airlines Virtual

CEO: @Dan_El_Fizree

Main Hub: WMKK – Kuala Lumpur International (Sepang)

Why Join? We are the kites of Malaysia, we are Malaysia Virtual Airlines. We have a big fleet, active chat groups and lots of destinations to fly! Experience nothing like us, immediate ATC services, weekly events and more in your pilot or atc career. Join us and let’s go beyond expectations!

Northwest Virtual Airlines


Main Hub: KDTW – Detroit Metropolitan Wayne International Airport

Why Join? NWVA is all about family and global connection! We want to get to know you as a pilot, as you help us show the community how to “fly the horizon”.

Porter Virtual


CEO: @MisterButler

Main Hub: CYTZ – Toronto Billy Bishop Airport

Why Join? After all, it’s time to put your flying hours to use. Joining Porter Virtual guarantees a professional and realistic environment, an awesome, friendly community and a lot of things that other VA pilots will never experience. With a fleet so small yet so familiar, every airman here will end up knowing how to fly the Dash 8 by heart.

Qantas Virtual


CEO: @MackenzieRodgers

Main Hub: YSSY – Sydney Kingsford Smith International

Why Join? Qantas Virtual is one of our most well-established airlines. Offering a critically acclaimed-experience, this virtual airline has something for everyone.

REGA Virtual

CEO: @Chris_Wing

Main Hub: LSZH – Zurich International

Why Join? Rega Virtual is on stand-by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to respond to emergency calls – both in Switzerland and abroad. Are you seriously injured or ill? With Rega Virtual, you can count on swift, uncomplicated emergency assistance by air!

Singapore Virtual


CEO: @Transport_Hub

Main Hub: WSSS – Singapore Changi International

Why Join? As the flag carrier of Singapore, Singapore Virtual offers the pilot an unparalleled flying experience. With eight ranks to climb, and 11 planes to get behind the controls of, we guarantee that you’ll find an experience you’ve been looking for. So why not join? Welcome aboard, it’s a Great Way to Fly.

South African Airways Virtual

CEO: @Owain_G

Main Hub: FAOR – Johannesburg O. R. Tambo International

Why Join? We are one of Africa’s largest VA’s featuring short and long haul flights exploring Africa and the world. Offering our pilots with a diverse fleet and friendly environment, we let our pilots explore the world with joy and pride as we are one nation flying on the same journey!

Southwest Virtual

CEO: @CaptJackson

Main Hub: KDAL - Dallas Love Field

Why Join? Southwest Virtual models the real-world ethos of Dallas-based Southwest Airlines. Wither over 1,200 routes, a dedicated crew center, friendly and active atmosphere, and much more, there’s lots to love about SWV. We may have a small fleet, but we have a big heart!

FlySwiss Virtual


CEO: @United-Express

Main Hub: LSZH – Zurich International

Why Join? FlySwiss VA is an organisation run by a passionate team of staff. We fly to all four corners of the globes, through mountains and more but one thing we know is that ‘Swiss Precision is what we offer!’



CEO: @Narruto_Mieumieu

Main Hub: LPPT – Lisbon Portela International

Why Join? Connecting Portugal to the World. At TAPVA we aim to offer the best possible experience to our pilots. From grade 1 or grade 5, it doesn’t matter. Everyone gets their foothold here!

Thai Virtual


CEO: @Ethan11

Main Hub: VTBS – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International

Why Join? At Thai Virtual Airways we want our pilots to fall in love flying. Come join us and fly a variety of aircraft to destinations that many haven’t discovered yet in Infinite Flight. It is our mission to make sure our members feel comfortable in a realistic and active working environment.

USCG Virtual


CEO: @Charles_Fosbroke

Main Hub: N/A

Why Join? United States Coast Guard - Infinite Flight conducts patrols, search and rescues, drug interdiction, and deployments around the world. Our mission is to “Protect Our Borders” We have saved almost 30,000 lives so far and will not rest until everyone is safe. We have an Operations division and a newly formed Transport division, giving everyone variety, whether wanting to fly our C130J for rescue operations, or deliver cargo to our bases around the world in our transport aircraft, we have something for everyone.

United Virtual


CEO: @jakevaz423

Main Hub: KORD – Chicago O’Hare International

Why Join? Here at United Virtual, we strive to maintain a realistic and professional environment while providing a fun, family-friendly, and clean community of pilots. Fly the Infinite Skies!

UPS Virtual

CEO: @Koby_Thomas

Main Hub: KSDF – Louisville Standiford Field

Why Join? UPS Virtual Airlines, one of the few cargo airline opportunities on Infinite Flight, offers a professional environment in which pilots can learn and master their flying skills. It is built on the idea that pilots in Infinite Flight should be allowed to fly wherever and whenever they please, allowing absolute freedom.

Virgin Group VA


CEO: @Trevor_A

Main Hub: KLAX - Los Angeles International

Why Join? Ever wanted to fly one of the Virgin Airlines… Well Virgin Group VA has what you looking for with Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia all in one area. Have the chance to fly all three airlines in IF.



CEO: @Eighty

Main Hub: KBOS – Boston Logan International

Why Join? At VirtualBlue, we strive to provide our pilots with an ultra realistic and professional virtual airline experience. Our pilots have access to the most advanced virtual airline website, with built in pilot accounts, awards, route schedules, bidding system, pilot briefings, detailed flight plans, charts, live weather and more! Fly with VirtualBlue and experience the Blue difference.

WestSky Virtual


CEO: @Captain_Patrick

Main Hub: KDEN - Denver International Airport

Why Join? Regional Flying on Time

Wizz Air Virtual


CEO: @Jeno_Farkas

Main Hub: EGGW – London Luton International

Why Join? We are committed to make everyone happy whilst flying with us and help their overall progression.

image Virtual Organization Database

ATC Education Group


CEO: @Trio

Why Join? Are you interested in becoming a member of the ATC Education Group? I am looking for mature and professional training server and/or IFATC controllers that are willing and able to help other aspiring Infinite Flight ATC learn and improve!

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts


CEO: @Asneed8706

Why Join? Infinite Flight Aviation Experts-Global Air Force Division (IFAE-GAF) is a fully simulated RPG Air Force group that operates in a “My Career” mode to bring an unmatched level of realism; training professionals and growing experts in military sim aviation since 2017. IFAE-GAF employs squadrons stationed throughout the world and are deployed based on real time events using real world tactics, training and maneuvers in the Infinite Flight sim environment. From CAS to DCA, from home ops to down range, we project Air power globally and effectively.

One team. One vision. One mission. We are IFAE-GAF.

Infinite Flight Air Traffic Services (IFATS)


CEO: @SNASpotter

Why Join? Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service (IFATS) is Infinite Flights leading Vocal Air Traffic Service. Advanced Training is provided by us so ATC and Pilots of all skill levels are welcome to join. Join our Discord Server today using the link on our website.

IF Elite PIlots


CEO: @AslanK

Why Join? We are Elite Pilots. A collection of highly skilled pilots flying high and setting standards across the Infinite Flight Community, gathering pilots from all around the world into one flawless group, mixing it up and holding exclusive events for our members to enjoy. Therefore, offering opportunities like never before.
We only have it one way, “Flying At It’s Finest”.

Infinite Flight General Aviation Club


CEO: @Balloonchaser

Why Join? Are you more of a “Slow and Steady” kind of person? Do you like flying VFR? Do you like General Aviation Aircraft?

If you answered yes to any of those questions…this is the place for you! With over 80 active pilots from all around the globe and daily group flights, we are sure to be best fit for you. Hope to see you join us!

IF Professional Pilots


CEO: @Jonathan_Limento

Why Join? IPP is a group for serious Infinite Flight players only. With intentions to bring all active Infinite Flight pilots and ATC together in a fun professional environment.

Plane and PIlot Events


CEO: @PlaneCrazy

Why Join? Plane & Pilot is an organization that has created high-quality, well-organized events for Infinite Flight since we were founded in December 2016. We offer a wide variety of unique events that range from VA promotions to aerobatics competitions. We strive to make sure our events are fully unique and enjoyable, and spend up to 2 weeks planning each one. Make sure to keep an eye out for our events on IFC and plan an event with us for your VA by going to the form on our website!

Tailwinds Flying Club


CEO: @Daniel14

Main Hub: N/A – No Established Routes

Why Join? Tailwinds Flying Club was founded with a thought in mind to bring groups of people from around the world together to “Fly Farther Together”. Behind the scenes since early April, the staff have been behind the scenes evolving and changing TFC to be “New, Improved, Superior” bringing not only the best pilots together, but also the pilots who have yet to earn there wings. Rather you be an experienced Pilot, or a new one, TFC has something for everyone.


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Amazing work as always guys. Hope to see lots of you joining these wonderful VAs we have!


Awesome! I love our IF VA’s can’t wait for all our new inspired CEO’s to share the amazing feeling of being a leader!

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Glad to be a part of this team. Anyone is free to PM me or @Dubya if you need anything here to be updated!


I’m searching for a VA to be a member of, any managers or CEOs please contact me… I’m grade 3 and I have 430 flight hours

i recommend u check the database look for a VA that interest u go to there website and sign up to be apart of them or contact them

I don’t care which VA

then just sign up for any VA there.

Did it, they didn’t answer (did it 7 Days ago)

They cant respond immediately you should expect a response from any at the latest 48 hours

Look at the edit… I did it one week ago

@rubinedan What VA was it maybe we can get in contact with the CEO

You should take this to a PM.

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ELAL airways VA…

Hello, I contacted the VA Airfrance-KLM to be part of it on their site. I just want to know how long it can take before I get an answer?

All the VA’s ask for is patience @Marc.Stinger! Invites usually can take 24-48 hours based on availability in the VA. Some VA’s have a waiting list once a pilot applies for it as well, so make sure to read through their thread for updates