The IFVARB New Years 2020 Summit | Date Change

Well depending if they reserve a few spots you might be able to join.

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Pick yourself a chart and try out some SIDs/STARs and you’ll see that it’s not something you can’t achieve. You have to have a good planning and situational awareness, but with this and a bit of training you won’t come into any kind of situations were you aren’t following the procedures.

We are generally very strict with ghostings, but summit-specific ghostings are generally reversed after the end of the event from my experience.

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What would be examples of a summit-specific ghost?
As in what kind of ghosts are possible that are normally not possible (eg. procedure related)

any ghosting that take place at the summit event

Ah right. Ok. Thanks Chris! Keep me updated on any spaces :)

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Can VAs not in the process apply?

You’re welcome Jack!

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No. They may not.

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Okay, thanks!

Date Change Notice

As the IFVARB has been notified of a potential scheduling conflict, the summit has been postponed to 2020-01-18T20:00:00Z.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

On behalf of the summit team.


@Nate_Schneller That fly past at VHHH for the Summit was great! I’d love to do something similar here but DynamX isn’t really a thing anymore. If you or anyone else is planning something then send me a PM, I’d love to be a part of it.

Got it, Thanks!

So can VAs/VOs not yet IFVARB approved, but in the application process, apply?

No they cannot

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We already have a Lufthansa Virtual, they’re under the name of Nonstop Virtual due to copyright issues.


Just for future reference

Virtual Airline Name Status
Air New Zealand Banned
Flybe Virtual Banned
Hawaiian Airlines Banned
Icelandair Virtual Banned
LATAM Banned
Lufthansa Banned
Mokulele VA Banned

That’s from the IFVARB website, here’s the link to the banned VA’s list: IFVARB

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@Peter_Hu I understand your confused, but this thread is for the summit, not abou a Lufthansa VA. Please move your inquiry to the attached thread to reduce replies to this thread.


IFVARB Feedback And Questions Thread

Are we allowed to join this if we’re not in a VA? I’d love to stream it!

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