The IFVARB New Years 2020 Summit | Date Change


Hello. Is this thing still working?

Hello and welcome to the official announcement post for the next IFVARB Summit!

Our (somewhat) annual Virtual Airline/Virtual Organization bash is back and bigger than ever with an extra dash of mystery thrown in courtesy of the coding skills of @Brandon_K in association with @Chris_S’ server hamsters!

As always, the IFVARB Summit is not possible without our incredible team and IFATC resources, and I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who assisted in planning this.

I think you guys will like what we have planned this time around. The venue will be a surprise and will be announced Here at 2019-12-29T00:00:00Z.

I can’t give away much, but I can tell you that registrations for IFVARB-Approved VAs and VOs are now open and that fly-in, fly-out, and transient slots are available. Application instructions are below. More details about the event will be released along with our venue choice.

Planning Details

  • Starting Time: 2020-01-18T20:00:00Z

  • Place: Released Soon© on 2019-12-29T00:00:00Z

  • Registration Deadline: 2019-12-22T00:00:00Z

Registration Instructions - Read Carefully

VA/VO CEOs should send one completed application template to @IFVARB and @JoshFly8 before the application deadline noted above to be allocated a slot to the summit.

The lack of aircraft type field in the sheet is intentional. Please do not request a specific aircraft type as those requests will not be honoured.

A few notes on registrations:

  • Please only include confirmed pilots, no-shows reflect poorly on your VA and lead to other participants being shut out of the event unnecessarily.

  • Please only send this message if you are a VA CEO/events representative to avoid multiple reservations.

  • For transient slot requests, expect between 15-30 minutes of on-stand time before being required to vacate and depart again.

  • Ensure your pilots are aware of the importance of being on-time and being able to commit the time to participate in the event fully. IFVARB Summits are highly-choreographed affairs that require a substantial amount of preparation and knowledge. Ghostings are strictly enforced for not following published NOTAMs.

  • We do not typically register non-VA guests, but we usually reserve a dozen or so stands for spectators, you can expect the same for this summit.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing your registration forms!


I’m very excited to show you guys what we have planned for this year. It’ll be one for the books!


Oooh, this looks fun. I’ll definitely be going for this!


Hey @Danman, what exactly is the IFVARB summit? Is it a meet up or an event on IF or real life? What happens in the summit? I can’t really understand because it’s my first time

It’s a yearly event where almost all the VAs do one big event together


What @anon41771314 said. We put together one or two really big events per year where the VAs come together for a fly in/out or both.

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How strict are the rules for this? I saw the procedures from last year. Will I risk getting ghosted for the smallest error like missing an altitude restriction by several hundred feet or somehow getting lost on ground?
And what if I miss my arrival slot?

Well, considering this event is on the expert server, you must follow all instructions or you’ll be ghosted. So, that won’t change with this event. Follow instructions and you’ll have a great time. Don’t follow procedures and well, you’ll have a nice early end to your flight and a vacation to TS1.

We have these strict procedures to ensure that we get everyone inbound on the ground efficiently, and those who are looking to depart off the ground with the same efficiency as well.


I don’t have trouble being under IFATC control at all in general. But STAR and SID introduce the possibility to get into trouble for not descending/climbing fast enough so would those be considered ghsotable offenses?

Although Team DynamX may not be making an appearance, I think VAC will certainly do the flyover duties for this time 👍🏻

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Ok. This is confusing. Is this an event in real life or what. Or is it an event. I’m in no VA, can I join? Who what where when why lol

It’s in the game.

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Well depending if they reserve a few spots you might be able to join.

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Pick yourself a chart and try out some SIDs/STARs and you’ll see that it’s not something you can’t achieve. You have to have a good planning and situational awareness, but with this and a bit of training you won’t come into any kind of situations were you aren’t following the procedures.

We are generally very strict with ghostings, but summit-specific ghostings are generally reversed after the end of the event from my experience.

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What would be examples of a summit-specific ghost?
As in what kind of ghosts are possible that are normally not possible (eg. procedure related)

any ghosting that take place at the summit event

Ah right. Ok. Thanks Chris! Keep me updated on any spaces :)

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Can VAs not in the process apply?

You’re welcome Jack!

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